What Does Love Feel Like?


Many things have been said about love and how it is like and the way someone feels when the person is in love. But the real truth here is this when someone is in love there are many feelings and things the person will notice, that is happening but he or she might not know how the feelings came to be, or the way to express it to the person that they love with all their heart. “What Does Love Feel Like?”

So that is why I have decided today to write how does love feels like, so that you will really know what it means when someone say that he or she is in love. And understand the meaning of the love and how the person feels, and what is actually happening in the person’s Life, if you don’t understand it you can’t know the true feelings of love itself.

For this reason I will go straight to the point instead of wasting much time to explain to you the true feelings of love. But before I explain fully to you, I will like to let you know about the different forms that love exists.

There is love that you can feel but the person that you love does not love you back or have not given you the chance to prove your love, and there is love that you will fall for and the person will also love and cherish you just the way you are, and these two are the forms which love can exists and I’m going to cool down and explain to you all these, so that you will understand what love feels like when you are alone, without the love of the person and what love feels like when the person you love also love you back.

What Does Love Feel Like?

• Love feels as if everything is perfect.
• It feels as if you are in the perfect and the right place with your life.
• Love feels as if you are the most favored and special person in the whole world.
• Love feels as if you have made the right decision in your life.
• Love feels as nothing else matters to you than the happiness of the one you love.
• When you are in love there is nothing else that you think about except the one you love with your heart. When this person you love, in return loves you back.
• In love you never blame the person for any of his or her actions.
All these I what Love feels like when you are with the right person. but when you are with the wrong person or with someone who don’t care of or value the love you have for him or her, you will feel lots of pain and disappointment as if the whole world is coming to an end.

“What Does Love Feel Like?”

What love is like when the person don’t love you back.

• You will feel like someone left in the middle of an ocean to swimming for his life or her way out.
• You will feel as if you don’t deserve to be loved or taken care of.
• You will feel as if the whole world is turning against you when the person doesn’t love you back.
• You will feel as if nature and mankind has cheated to you.
• There is much pain in the heart of the one who doesn’t have the love of the one he or she loves so much.
• You’ll be left alone thinking without having any solution YES and you will also lack concentration in anything that you are doing because your heart has already been taken by someone.
• Your life will be left empty as if you have no reason to live on earth again.
• You will do whatever it takes to make sure that the person you love and care for we also do the same for you.

“What Does Love Feel Like?”

How love feels like when the person you love disappoint you or hurt you

• Your heart will be filled with pain there will be a very big disappointment in your heart.
• You will be hurt badly as if someone pierced a knife through your chest.
• You will be angry with anything that is around you.
• You will not find joy in anything that is around you.
• The heartbreak that you will feel that seems as if a heavy stone was placed on top of your heart.
• The whole world will seems to be empty in your eyes.
• You will never understand things that is happening around you or with you during the time that you are heartbroken.
• If the person who hurts you never come back to apologize you may find it hard to trust someone again.
• If the one you love leaves, you will find it hard to fall in love again.
• The feeling and the pains hurts so badly more than losing a job.

Finally I hope that by now you understand, what love feels like and how painful it is in the heart of someone, if the person he or she love is to break up, hurt or cheat on him or her. So with this I hope you understand that anyone that finds the perfect person to love and to be with should value it and respect the person, because it is hard to find true love but when you really do find the one that is meant for you, you will enjoy the life and the love itself and all the good things that comes from love.

If you have question or any other thing you will like to ask us related with this topic make use of the comment section below.

“What Does Love Feel Like?”


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