5 Sure Signs You are Ready For a Relationship


“I trust you!” I heard these exact words as I laid in bed one day while struggling with my singleness. I felt elated because I knew God was about to do something special in my life. I just didn’t know exactly what. I called my accountability partner and told him what I believed the Lord impressed upon my heart. And guess what? A few months later, I entered into courtship with my now wife Kenady (Pitts) Nash.

Now, I know what you want to ask me. “Damien, what does ‘I trust you’ mean?” Well, I believe God was informing me that He could trust me to pursue a relationship again. You see, in the previous season, I could not be trusted. I was literally living contrary to what I wrote in my previously released relationship book, #CompletelySingle. I was a hypocrite to put it bluntly. I didn’t follow my own advice (which was really His), and I put myself and other women in compromising situations. However, after releasing myself from those relationships and taking time off, I recommitted that strong desire to be married back to God and focused on my relationship with Him. This led to Him confirming to me that I was now ready to be trusted with one of His daughters again.

Thinking back on this season, I saw several areas in my life that the Holy Spirit helped me mature in before I started a relationship with Kenady. These questions are meant to help us honestly look within before seriously thinking about entering into a romantic relationship. Now, here’s my disclaimer: I don’t think it’s healthy to compare and/or measure yourself against the “questions” listed below. However, I do think it’s fair and safe to say all believers, whether you are in a romantic relationship or not, need to mature in these areas to start developing a servant’s heart if/when you do enter into a relationship. Lastly, God might highlight several more things that He wants you to focus on along with these. I would love to hear them, so please reach out or comment below.

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Damien K. H. Nash is an Award-Winning Certified Growth Coach and the author of #CompletelySingle and the co-author of #CompletelyMarried. In 2019, he married his wife Kenady Nash. Kenady is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian in the state of Georgia. Damien and Kenady believe their purpose is to help people become healthy individuals and cultivate healthy relationships. Their YouTube Channel: “Damien and Kenady” is used to deliver content that supports this passion. Together, they enjoy traveling, speaking and dining at new restaurants. (Head over to claim a free book titled: How To Load Your Truck @ www.damienandkenady.com.)


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