A Prayer for a Spouse Who Won’t Communicate


Dear Lord,

We feel defeated. Tired of striving for perfection, in ourselves and our marriages. Marriage is hard, help us remember the gift it can also be. The conflicts and communication problems are overwhelming.  May they be an invitation into a deeper connection, a thriving marriage.

It is easy to put others on pedestals, especially our spouses. Turning to them to fill the voids we feel. Expecting more than they can offer at times. When they don’t communicate, may we move into more conversation and prayer with you.

Help us to find refuge in you when the storms in marriage come. Wash away our selfish ambitions. Help us to be there for our spouse when they are weak, when their spiritual life seems dry, when we can’t see where they are coming from, or when they simply don’t care to try in return.

Help us to be patient with them while continuing to hope for a better marriage, better communication. Help us love them as our brother or sister in Christ. May you be at the center of our marriage, helping us withstand the rain and droughts of rough seasons. May our love be a fire, burning for you. Help us strive side by side for the gospel.

Lord you can redeem all things. I pray we can come together and communicate the way you would have us, God, so that our marriage would point others to you. That we would be an example to our kids, friends, family, and all, of what good communication and a healthy, thriving marriage looks like. We are thankful to be able to come to you even when we can’t come to our spouse.

We love you Father,



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Sarah Nichols is a writer who loves to encourage women by sharing hope-filled stories that point others to Jesus. She lives in Kansas City, MO with her high school sweetheart and their three kids. You can find more from Sarah at her blog sarahnicholswrites.com and on Instagram @sarahnicholswrites.


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