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11 Conscious Marriage Goals For A Stronger Relationship

Depending on what your diaper was like, you may not have seen the weightier examples of a healthy marriage growing up.

Yet despite the bad experiences – or perhaps considering of them – here you are, wanting to create a increasingly loving, increasingly fulfilling marriage.

You don’t just want an stereotype marriage though. You want something exceptional.

But what are the most important things in a marriage? What kinds of marriage goals should you and your partner have? How can you be a increasingly conscious partner, and how do you build a successful marriage?

Creating a conscious marriage can help.

What is a Conscious Marriage?

A conscious marriage embraces the full potential of a relationship as a vehicle for psychological and spiritual growth. It focuses on the needs and desires of each individual, with an accent on communication, shared relationship agreements, and intentional practices to ensure those needs are met.

conscious marriage

The Benefits of a Conscious Marriage

In 2019, without 8 years of living, working, and traveling the world together, we decided to take the plunge and get married – and we were shocked at how much reverted for us.

To be completely honest, we didn’t have upper expectations for marriage. We liked the idea of having a fun party with our closest friends and family, but vastitude that, we didn’t think married life would be much variegated from our pre-married life.

Oh how wrong we were – in the weightier possible way.

It’s nonflexible to put into words what shifted for us once we ‘tied the knot’. The morning without our wedding, our relationship really did finger different:

Literally overnight we felt increasingly unfluctuating to each other, and that our relationship had somehow deepened in meaning and specialness – feelings that have only grown stronger as the years have passed.

And we’re not the only ones who finger that magical marriage effect.

Jodie & Reece Conscious Marriage
We were both kinda shocked by how variegated we felt without our wedding
According to the Pew Research Center, married couples are unceasingly increasingly satisfied and increasingly trusting of their partners than couples who simply live together.*

Married couples moreover finger closer, with 58% of US adults reporting upper levels of relationship satisfaction (compared to only 41% of their unmarried cohabitating counterparts).

Now if 58% seems a bit on the low side, and you want to be one of those unrenowned couples whose marriage is a source of happiness, connection, emotional safety, resilience, and overall well-being…

Or, if you’ve overly found yourself wondering, “How can I be a increasingly conscious partner in my marriage?”, then these 11 conscious marriage goals are for you.

11 Inspirational Conscious Marriage Goal Examples

Couple feeling emotionally unscratched in a conscious marriage

1. You Finger Emotionally Unscratched & Secure

Emotional safety and trust are the bedrocks of every healthy relationship, and making a transferral to one flipside helps to nourish this safety and security.

One of the trappy things well-nigh marriage specifically is sanctifying this transferral with the grand gesture of your wedding ceremony.

In a conscious marriage however, transferral is increasingly than just this single gesture. You create safety and security through resulting actions, words, and mindsets, like:

  • intentionally prioritizing each other and your connection
  • having boundaries with other people and priorities in your life (especially social media, work, and extended family)
  • a transferral to honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness

If trust is a rencontre in your relationship, then towers a culture of emotional safety and security is a top priority.

Elderly couple in a conscious marriage with shred purpose

2. Your Marriage Has A Shared Purpose & Meaning

Too many people stumble into relationships and then leap into marriage without knowing their WHY.

A conscious marriage, however, requires increasingly intentionality, with a well-spoken vision of what you want to create together, and what marriage ways to you both.

It’s important that you have long-term marriage goals that inspire and excite you, and that you each share responsibility for meeting those marital goals.

For us, our marriage is an opportunity to:

  • build something meaningful and unrenowned together
  • support each other and grow as individuals
  • share and ultimately lighten the load of adulting
  • experience the eyeful and preciousness of life together

We’re well-spoken on the benefits of stuff together, which in turn helps us to fathom and cherish our marriage plane more.

But simply having this high-level vision isn’t enough. Your purpose has to influence your behavior, which moreover ways that…

couple in conscious marriage creating relationship agreements together

3. You Have Agreements… Well-nigh Everything

Once you have clarity on your meaning and purpose, your Agreements are the codes of self-mastery that pinpoint how you do your relationship.

In our marriage, our agreements are a set of shared principles for how we tideway the important things in our relationship: sex, money, conflict, communication, and plane the mundane things like housework.

Now, that might not sound terribly romantic. But clear, open, and respectful liaison is unquestionably sexy AF.

Our Agreements inspire us to a higher standard, while holding us subject to how we want to deal with the most worldwide marital challenges. And considering they make the nonflexible moments easier, our Agreements unshut up increasingly space for fun, play, and connection in our relationship too.

Conscious couple prioritizing connection

4. You Prioritize Connection

Want to know how to make a marriage last? Then this is probably one of the most important goals for married couples:

Make prioritizing quality connection time a top priority.

Because the simple truth is that if you’re not urgently nourishing your connection, it will gradually deteriorate over time.

Now, there are an infinite number of ways to do this, from regular stage nights to a structured relationship trammels in.

An tideway we highly recommend though is intentionally towers connection rituals into your everyday life. These are the small, daily habits that nourish your marriage and create feelings of closeness.

Our daily connection rituals include things like: cooking and eating breakfast together, debriefing without our work day (often with a tasty instillation in hand), and sharing a long kiss and snuggle surpassing bed every night.

But here’s the thing: it’s not simply the deportment themselves, it’s the presence and intention you bring that creates the connection.

(Want increasingly sexual connection in your relationship? Trammels out our well-constructed guide to reigniting your love life).

couple growing through the challenges of a conscious marriage together

5. You’re Single-minded To Growing Through The Challenges… Together

During the pandemic, we ended up in a grueling 6-month lockdown in Colombia (one of the strictest lockdowns in the world).

Pile on top of that some wild complications like a trip to the Emergency Room for a smart-ass parasite, and it’s an understatement to say that 2020 put a lot of unexpected strain on our marriage.

And yet we came through that year stronger and increasingly single-minded than ever.

One of the defining characteristics of marriage is the sacredness of commitment. Sure, it’s not a thoroughbred oath, or an obligation to stick virtually if things really aren’t working.

But at the very least, we believe that a conscious marriage is a transferral to working through our challenges together, instead of turning versus each other or running away.

5 positive interactions for every 1 negative interaction
As fulfilling and joyful as our marriage has been, we’ve still had our moments of doubt. Yet we’re single-minded to meaningful endurance – to leaning into the difficult times, considering we genuinely believe we’ll grow stronger as individuals, and closer as a couple.
couple triumphal their conscious marriage

6. You Celebrate Your Marriage… And Each Other

If you’ve read any of our other blogs here at Practical Intimacy, you’ll know that we zinger on well-nigh this one a lot. That’s considering we’ve seen and felt how transformational triumphal each other can be.

Now, this isn’t to say that little moments of tension aren’t going to happen in your relationship.

Whether it’s unwittingly disappointing each other, forgetting an important commitment, or the everyday disagreements that naturally upspring when you share a life with someone, plane the weightier relationships have their lanugo moments.

What matters most though is that there are far increasingly ‘positives’ to wastefulness out the ‘negatives’.

5 positive interactions for every 1 negative interaction
And urgently triumphal your marriage is one of the weightier ways to ratchet up the good vibes.

Celebration is increasingly than just appreciating one flipside (although you should definitely do that, as much as possible).

For maximum impact, have a structured time where you sit lanugo together and squint for all of the superstitious things well-nigh your relationship. Really finger and share the impact that has on you and your life, and let those good vibes flow.

Couple understanding shadow sides in a conscious marriage

7. You Have A Deep Understanding Of Each Other… ‘Shadow’ Sides Included

Building a conscious marriage ways stuff curious well-nigh who your partner truly is, and taking an zippy interest in their life. This ways understanding, celebrating, and supporting:

  • their interests and hobbies
  • their strengths and talents
  • the important people in their life
  • their goals, dreams, and aspirations

But a conscious marriage isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Understanding your partner moreover includes knowing:

  • what triggers them
  • what their emotional wounds are
  • what makes them finger insecure or unsafe
  • their shortcomings and imperfections

Being enlightened of and understanding towards each other’s shadow sides allows you to build a greater sense of love, safety, and security. You recognize that you’re both imperfect, messy humans, and you requite each other permission to be vulnerable.

Which doesn’t midpoint that you have poor boundaries or winnow shitty behavior. Considering it’s moreover important that…

couple working through challenges in conscious marriage

8. You Urgently Work On Your Marriage… And Yourself

A conscious marriage follows this one foundational principle:

100% responsibility for your 50% of the relationship.

Yes, your partner seeks to be sensitive to and understanding towards your triggers and emotional wounds. Yes, your partner is here to help uplift and inspire you, and to support you in rhadamanthine your weightier self.

And, in a conscious marriage, each individual has to be willing to do the inner work to wilt the person capable of having the life and marriage they desire.

This ways taking radical responsibility for your triggers, your wounds, and your unresolved emotional baggage. Considering the truth is, we all have our shit to work through, not to mention the challenges that life will throw at you and your marriage.

100% responsibility for your 50% of the relationship
This doesn’t have to squint like unvarying naval-gazing or years in therapy. It can be as simple as reminding yourself that ultimately, you’re responsible for your own life (relationship included), and then committing to the necessary deportment to bring well-nigh increasingly fulfillment.

Not sure where to start?

Ask each other.

Be unshut to feedback from your partner well-nigh how they want to be loved, how you can meet their needs, and how they finger well-nigh your relationship overall.

Our tried-and-tested relationship trammels in is moreover a unconfined place to start.

differentiated couple in a conscious marriage

9. You’re Highly-Differentiated Individuals

A conscious marriage isn’t only well-nigh having the weightier relationship possible. You’re moreover rhadamanthine your weightier individual selves at the same time.

Being your most fulfilled and fully-expressed self in a relationship requires an often-uncomfortable process tabbed ‘differentiation’:

Differentiation is the worthiness to be your true, pure self, in tropical proximity to someone else. It’s the opposite of emotional enmeshment, and it’s the opposite of losing yourself in a relationship.

It can moreover be incredibly difficult in a long-term relationship as the increasingly someone ways to you, the increasingly their opinion of you matters.

Being your truest, most highly-differentiated self means:

  • you have a voice, and can well-wisher for what you want
  • you have healthy boundaries, and know how to lovingly prioritize yourself
  • you’re well-appointed risking rejection or disappointing your partner

So if you think you’ve maybe lost your sense of self in your marriage, and you want to reuse your personal power (while moreover saving your relationship), book a self-ruling coaching undeniability to discover how we can support you.

conscious couple sharing vulnerably

10. You Share Your Inner Worlds

A fulfilling, conscious marriage is one built on connection, friendship, and deep intimacy. To do that, you have to be willing to go vastitude the surface level and truly let your partner in.

This can be scary, for sure.

Sharing your truest, most pure self with someone requires a upper stratum of differentiation… and it moreover feels incredibly vulnerable.

But it’s this openness and vulnerability that creates depth and emotional connection in a conscious marriage.

Unfortunately, a worldwide mistake we make – men expressly – is keeping our challenges, insecurities, and feelings to ourselves. We think that talking well-nigh difficult things will make us finger worse.

how to be a largest husband marriage tips for men

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But the research shows the opposite:

Even just labeling our feelings and saying them out loud helps to relieve stress.* And talking with someone well-nigh shared stressors makes both people finger largest too.*

Ultimately, a conscious marriage is a unscratched oasis where you share anything and everything, and in doing so, create a deep level of connection that nourishes and supports you.

couple choosing a conscious marriage

11. You Keep Re-Choosing Each Other

Marriage and transferral is not a one-time decision. It’s a nomination you make over and over again.

What elevates your relationship into a conscious marriage is the transferral to making this nomination every day with both your words and your actions.

Choices like:

  • Not taking each other for granted
  • Building intentional moments of connection
  • Having difficult conversations and tackling challenges together as a team
  • Making a conscious effort to prioritize each other
  • Putting in the effort to wilt a better, increasingly loving partner
  • Being thankful for each other, and your marriage, as often as you can

Ultimately, the strength of your marriage depends on the sum total of the small, everyday actions.

At times, it might finger like work. But the time, effort, and superintendency you put into your marriage comes when to you in the form of love, care, fulfillment and security.

A conscious marriage has the potential to be one of the most trappy things you overly create – and that’s an investment in your happiness and fulfillment that we believe is veritably worthwhile.

If you want increasingly ideas well-nigh how to modernize the emotional connection in your relationship, trammels out our practical guide on building emotional intimacy.

If sex is a problem in your relationship, and you want increasingly physical intimacy and connection, trammels out our well-constructed guide to reigniting your love life.

Having arguments, conflicts, and fights you don’t know how to resolve? The Mismatch To Connection communication undertow for couples is for you.

Or if you’re ready to step up and transform your relationship, typesetting in a time to learn increasingly well-nigh our mens, womens, and couples coaching programs.

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