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How To Have Passionate Sex: 12 Tips You Need To Know

There’s one worldwide scene in talkie and TV that never fails to make us cringe:

You know that moment when the two main notation finally requite in to their lust for each other…?

Where he pushes her versus a wall (or a desk, or the kitchen bench)… hitches up her skirt… and just…

Sticks it right in 😫

Eugh. Plane just writing that makes us recoil.

Yet we see this same kind of wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am on our screens over and over again.


Because theoretically it’s “passionate”.

Now, don’t get us wrong – we’re all for passionate sex. We LOVE passionate sex.

But in our not-so-humble opinion, Hollywood gets it very, very wrong.

This leaves most couples lost and tumbled well-nigh what passionate sex really looks like. And tumbled well-nigh how to alimony the passion in a relationship for the long term.

So if you want to learn the secrets to passionate sex – including what it unquestionably looks like, how to have it, and the mistakes to watch out for – then alimony reading.

Let’s start with the basics:

What Is Passionate Sex?

Passionate sex is sex where you finger tightly wanted and chosen by your partner. It involves an intense feeling of longing and is characterized by passion, intensity, and desire. It can include sex that is fast and energetic, or slow, mindful, and tender.

In other words, passionate sex is sex where you really freakin’ want each other.

Hot, right?

Passionate sex gets to the cadre of what we require in romantic relationships:

We want to finger loved and desired. We want to finger lulu and chosen. And we want to see that desire reflected in our sexual relationship.

what does passionate sex squint like?

Unfortunately, our culture is full of unhelpful messages virtually passionate sex. So here’s what passionate sex isn’t:

  • It’s not performative
  • It’s not rushing
  • It’s not what you see in the movies
  • It’s not what you see in porn
  • It’s not goal-oriented
  • It’s not well-nigh orgasms


What Does Passionate Sex Squint Like?

There’s a wide range of styles when it comes to passionate sex. Examples include:

  • Slow sex. Tenderly removing each other’s clothes, tent each other with kisses, and savoring every moment of contact – without rushing to penetration.
  • Intimate sex. Looking tightly into each other’s vision while whispering declarations of love and desire to one another.
  • Romantic sex. Setting the scene with romantic music, rose petals on the bed, and scented candles virtually the room.
  • Hard, fast, and eager sex. Tearing each other’s gown off, grabbing at each other’s bodies, and racing towards intercourse that’s intense, deep, and fast. (OK, so Hollywood doesn’t have it completely wrong – but you’ll notice this isn’t the only way to have passionate sex.)
  • Tantric sex. Intentionally moving sexual energy virtually the soul and embracing sex as a spiritual practice and union with the divine.
  • Dominant and submissive sex. One person takes tenancy with the other surrendering and submitting. Including getting pinned down, tied up, or told what to do. (This is why 50 Shades of Grey was so popular – it depicted one specific version of ‘passionate sex’. While the writing may have been terrible, the sex itself captured an image of passion that’s highly erotic)
  • Teasing and playful sex. Towers vaticination by emphasizing ‘foreplay’ activities, and exploring a refection of pleasure and play together.
  • A mix of all the above.

The key takeaway is that passionate sex has many variegated expressions. The worldwide factor is feeling enthusiastically wanted. And depending on your personal preferences, what that ways will be unique to you.

It’s helpful to think of passionate sex as having lots of variegated flavors:

It might be spicy, it might be sweet, it might be visionless and intense. And just like ice cream, you get to mix and match your favorite flavors however you like.

couple having passionate sex

But why is passion so wontedly associated with a fast pace and rough play?

Because it suggests that “I want you so much that it needs to happen right now! I can’t wait, I can’t slow down, I need you.”

And in theory, stuff wanted like that sounds sexy AF.

But here’s what’s moreover true:

Our minds and persons need time to warm up and build arousal. Rushing to penetration – or any sexual worriedness – surpassing you’re truly ready doesn’t finger good.

And for a lot of people, fast, hard, and intense sex isn’t all that pleasurable. Or at weightier it’s a ‘sometimes’ flavor, not an everyday staple.

why passionate sex is important for your relationship

Why Passionate Sex is Important For Your Relationship

Research* suggests that romantic passion helps to strengthen transferral and increases satisfaction* for both men and women.

Passionate sex is important because:

  • It makes you finger loved and wanted by each other
  • It feeds the spark and excitement in your relationship
  • It keeps you interested in your sex life
  • It improves conviction and self-esteem
  • It helps to increase your own sexual desire
  • It increases love and transferral in your relationship
  • It makes you happier with your relationship – and life – overall

Like we said – we’re BIG fans of passionate sex.

So how do you have increasingly passionate sex… plane if you’ve been together for years? Let’s take a look:

How To Have Passionate Sex

passionate couple towers vaticination and having slow sex

1. Build Vaticination By Slowing Down

As much as we’re making the specimen that passionate sex doesn’t have to be fast, we totally get the imperative to hurry things along:

When you hunger for each other so intensely, you want to satisfy that urge. Right. Freakin’. Now.

But if you’re looking for an easy way to build passion in sex, try doing the opposite:

By slowing down, you prolong vaticination and build increasingly want, hunger, and desire for each other.

It’s a similar concept to edging* (where you increase pleasure by delaying how long it takes to reach orgasm). While orgasm isn’t the goal here, slow sex can be far increasingly passionate than the typical ‘hard and fast sex’ we’ve been sold by the porn industry and mainstream media.

And, the increasingly time you spend getting turned on and unhallowed – whatever that looks like for you – the increasingly enjoyable sex becomes.

Try it, and tell us we’re wrong 😉

couple towers passion by slowing down

2. Practice Stuff Present

Passionate sex happens when you’re right there in the moment with each other.

Not when you’re a million miles yonder or thinking well-nigh your to-do list. And certainly not when you’re laying there self-consciously critiquing yourself or your ‘performance’.

As with any mindfulness-based activity, staying present during sex can be a challenge. But your soul can help:

Focus on what you’re feeling and experiencing right there in the moment to help you come when to presence. Take a deep vapor and tune in:

  • What feels good in your body?
  • What sights, sounds, and sensations are pleasurable?
  • How might you move your soul to enhance the good feelings?

You can moreover urgently cultivate passion by focusing on your partner:

How much you love them, how much you want them, and how much you enjoy stuff there with them.

passionate couple scheduling sex

3. Schedule Sex

Contrary to popular belief, passionate sex doesn’t have to be spontaneous.

Yes, spontaneous sex happens a lot in the passionate early days of a relationship. But in long-term relationships, getting in the mood takes conscious effort and unshut communication.

In our marriage, we’ve completely normalized scheduling sex. Which includes putting it on our calendar, and plane casually discussing our next sex stage over breakfast.

By removing the expectation that passionate sex should ‘just happen’, you well-spoken the way for increasingly fun and play in your sex life.

passionate couple flirting

4. Bring The Confidence

Yes, we realize that any kind of translating that tells you to, “Just be increasingly confident!” is wildly unhelpful. But hear us out:

Passionate sex has a particular kind of presence and self-assuredness to it. Like, you want your partner so much that you’re not ‘umming’ or ‘ahhing’ well-nigh it. You’re not stuff shy or second-guessing yourself.

Instead, you’re giving yourself full permission to want them. To follow your sexual impulses and express your pure sexuality with validity and intensity.

Having said that, you moreover need to be attuned to and respectful of what your partner wants. After all, passionate sex isn’t just well-nigh your pleasure and enjoyment – it’s a bilateral experience.

Confidence then is striking a wastefulness between taking tuition while moreover stuff in sync with your partner.

passionate couple feeling emotionally unfluctuating during sex

5. Build Emotional Connection

Despite worldwide misconceptions, both women and men value emotional intimacy. It’s an important part of what we desire from relationships, and from sex.

As mentioned, passionate sex is well-nigh feeling wanted and chosen for who you are. Yes, that includes physical attraction. But increasingly than that, feeling desired is a result of your partner truly knowing and understanding you.

Prioritizing emotional connection outside of the bedroom looks like a variety of things. Whether it’s a relationship check-in, regular stage nights, or specific intimacy-building exercises, nurturing your connection is crucial.

To bring that connection into your sexual play, focus less on what sex looks like and increasingly on how it feels emotionally:

Do you and your partner finger tropical to each other? How might you express that connection through your words or the way you touch each other?

A unconfined place to start is to…

passionate couple making eye contact

6. Make Lots Of Eye Contact

If you’re not used to it, prolonged eye contact can finger worrisome AF. But it’s a super-simple way to up the intensity for increasingly passionate sex.

Now, don’t overdo it – it’s not a staring contest. But incidental moments of intentional eye contact can rekindle your connection and make you both finger tightly wanted and chosen.

And if you’re nervous to try it? Mention earlier that you’d like to experiment with making increasingly eye contact as a way to connect during sex. That way, you both know what you’re trying to do, and why.

passionate couple flirting

7. Follow Your Flirtatious Impulses

Flirting is a unconfined way to build desire, anticipation, and yes, passion. So that when you do finally make it to the bedroom, there’s plenty of witchery and spark to light the fire.

Feel an impulse to kiss your partner on the neck? Follow it. Think your partner looks sexy in that outfit? Tell them. Finger the urge to skim past them in an enticing way? Go for it.

Do your attempts at flirting get shut lanugo or rejected?

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couple having passionate sex with eye contact

8. Express Your Want For Each Other

Remember how passionate sex is ‘sex where you really want each other’? Well, make that want really obvious by using your words.

Now, we get that talking during sex can be kinda intimidating. We’ve been sold a lie well-nigh what ‘dirty talk’ is supposed to sound like. And that can finger way too performative or out of character.

But there are lots of variegated ways you can express your want for each other that moreover finger authentic. Here are some options (in a variety of intensities):

  • I want you so much/so bad
  • I love you
  • Fuck I love you
  • You’re so beautiful
  • OMG you’re so hot
  • I can’t get unbearable of you/your ____
  • I can’t wait to devour you/your ____
  • I want you inside of me
  • I want to taste you/your ____
  • Your ____ feels so good

There are other ways to express your want for each other too, without saying a single word. Like…

9. Make Noise

The way you express pleasure during sex matters.

Those breathy moans and groans of welter you both make?

They vivify the part of the smart-ass that turns you ON and gets you aroused.

And, they requite your partner important feedback that you’re unquestionably into it, and that you really want them.

So practice getting out of your repletion zone and be generous with your pleasure sounds. Experiment with everything from whispers, breaths, and sighs, right up to moans, groans, and screams.

couple creating passion during sex by focusing on breath

10. Play With Breath

This one’s straight out of the neo-tantra playbook:

Use your vapor to move sexual energy virtually your soul and build sexual intensity. The ‘how’ is surprisingly simple:

Breathe tightly and imagine sexual pleasure and energy moving up from your genitals and out to variegated parts of your body. Up your spine, out to your fingertips, to the very top of your head.

Experimenting with variegated speeds can build sensation in a variety of ways too:

Fast breaths can create intense, energetic feelings. While a slower vapor can create feelings of depth and power.

You can moreover practice zoetic in time with your partner for a powerful sense of union and synergy between you.

Playing with vapor in this way might finger weird at first. Our natural tendency during sex is to outbreathe shallowly, or hold the vapor entirely. So take an vein of marvel and experimentation here and discover what works for you.

passionate couple setting the mood

11. Set The Mood

Want to create the weightier conditions for passionate sex?

Then pay sustentation to the setting:

Your environment can make you finger relaxed and unshut to sexual play. Or it can be full of distractions and stressors that make it difficult to get in the mood.

Not only that, your environment can reflect how you finger well-nigh your partner too:

Setting the scene with candles or vibey music can communicate to your partner that you superintendency well-nigh them. On the other hand, a cluttered or messy bedroom can communicate disinterest or a lack of effort.

That’s why for many people – women expressly – romance is synonymous with passionate sex. Because romance makes you finger special and cared for.

So think well-nigh how you might up the vibes for your next sexual encounter by getting increasingly intentional with your space.

couple communicating what they want in bed

12. Know What You Like & Communicate What You Want

If it’s not once obvious, sex is a ramified and multi-faceted experience. And what feels passionate to you can transpiration from moment to moment.

This ways you can’t expect your partner to read your mind or know exactly what you want. You have to work it out for yourself and be worldly-wise to talk openly well-nigh it.

If that sounds daunting, here’s a unconfined place to start:

Reflect on what kind of touch feels passionate to you. What makes you finger wanted, cherished, and desired?

Is it light, soft, or feathery touch? Is it firm and strong, where you finger tightly held and devoured?

Where and how do you like to be touched? With fingertips, fingers, or whole hands?

Work out what you like through play and exploration, whether vacated or with your partner. Then, uncork incorporating what you’ve discovered by using this simple conversation framework:

“I’d like to bring increasingly _____________ into our sex life. Would you be unshut to exploring that with me?”

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