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17 New Year’s Eve Date Ideas for Your Best Celebration Ever

Looking for romantic things to do on New Year’s Eve? We’ve got a bevy of mythological New Year’s Eve stage ideas for couples for you here. Read on! There are many heady stage options for the last night of the year.

I’ve unchangingly loved New Year’s Eve. The holiday has this undeniable sense of excitement; there’s plane an urgency to it.

I think this is because, as an eternal optimist, I’ve unchangingly looked forward to the coming new year with unconfined anticipation. By December 31st, the old year is ready to be put into the scrapbooks; I’m unchangingly ready to embrace the sparkly, fresh new year.

My New Year’s celebrations have been varied: family parties in my diaper banging pots and pans at midnight; crazy flit parties with friends in my higher years; concerts where we welcomed the inrush of midnight with screams and kisses. I’ve plane worked on New Year’s Eve when I was waiting tables. Everyone got self-ruling champagne (myself included).

But stuff married, or plane just stuff in a relationship, gives New Year’s Eve a special and unique glow. Now it’s not only well-nigh your personal, individual expectations and hopes for the year to come, but it is well-nigh your hopes and dreams for your partnership.

And of course, it’s wonderful to have someone to kiss at the stroke of midnight—definitely one of the most romantic things to do. So now, New Year’s Eve is moreover well-nigh planning fun, observing stage ideas.

Perhaps this year you’re triumphal with a spouse, fiance, partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Are you wanting to do something special? Whether you’re planning a chilled out night in together or getting ready for an epic party, we’re here to help you have a terrific NYE. Trammels out our favorite New Year’s Eve stage ideas for couples below”

New Year’s Eve Stage Ideas

Traditional New Year’s Eve Stage Ideas

Many of us like to get gussied up and go out on the town on New Year’s Eve. If that sounds like you and your S.O., you’ll love these suggestions.

Happy Young People Dancing on New Year Party. Happy New Year Concept. Glass of Champagne. Triumphal of New Year. Young Woman in Dress. Young Man in Suit. Happy People. Modern Dances on a stage for New Year's
The weightier New Year’s Eve stage ideas offer fun and a hopeful spirit well-nigh the year to come!

Attend a Rockin’ Party

One of the go-to New Year’s Eve plans for couples is to hit up a mythological party.

Maybe you’ve got a friend who is an spanking-new host, and they’ve got a fete planned for the evening. That’s your evening set!

But otherwise, you might have to do a little digging. Fortunately, there are usually tons of events happening on New Year’s Eve, so if you’re in search of a party, you shouldn’t have to squint too far.

Check out local nightclubs, entertainment venues, and plane restaurants to see what’s happening in your area. I moreover suggest searching New Year’s events on Facebook, as you might find something seriously superstitious in a nearby city. The difficult part then will be deciding between the Unconfined Gatsby-themed New Year’s Eve party or the NYE concert by your favorite local band.

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Make Plans to Throne to Times Square

Okay, if you’re in the USA for New Year’s Eve, there can be nothing increasingly archetype than watching the wittiness waif in NYC’s Times Square.

Are you a couple that likes to be at the heart of the action? You should probably do NYE in NYC once in your life. But be ready for the experience.

Apparently, so many people shepherd (like 2 million!!) that you have to line up hours surpassing the wittiness drops. One guide suggests getting there at noon!! You’ll be waiting virtually for a while in the dank December temperatures, but you’ll be in good visitor with millions of fellow revelers and probably lots of confetti.

Is a Times Square New Year’s Eve on the Two Drifters’ skillet list? Probably not.

As much as I love this holiday, this quote from Time Out New York says it all for me: “It takes many layers of clothing, a strong bladder (no bathrooms) and a unconfined vein to enjoy the experience.”

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Find Fireworks (or Make Your Own)

While this title may suggest some romantic innuendo, I am talking well-nigh pyrotechnics, I swear!

Fireworks are an essential element of New Year’s Eve, expressly in big cities. If there is a fireworks exhibit near you, make plans to throne out and see it just surpassing midnight.

You could moreover set off some at-home fireworks (stay legal and safe, of course) or some simple sparklers. Crackling sparklers and booming fireworks are a perfect way to ring in a New Year.

Host an Around-the-World New Years Party

Isn’t it wondrous that the unshortened world welcomes the New Year within just hours of each other? I think that’s pretty cool.

If experiencing global traditions sounds like fun to you, host a party that encompasses some of the other New Year’s Eve traditions from virtually the world.

This party involves a lot of food, games, and succulent drinks. If you’re up for hosting a New Year’s Eve party, why not put a tomfool twist on it? This “around-the-world theme” is super fun and you can customize the supplies and decor to match.

See a Film at Midnight

You know where isn’t crowded at midnight on New Year’s Eve? The movies. Why not try a New Year’s Eve stage in the cinema?

You and your partner can splurge on popcorn, soda, and all the snacks, and enjoy a movie together. You might be lucky unbearable to have a nearly empty theatre.

While this New Year’s stage idea ways you might miss out on the warm-up to midnight, you’ll be happy knowing you were spending that time doing something relaxing and fun with the one you love.

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Romantic couple in sweaters dancing surpassing new year eve at home. Young lovely man and african woman hugging over christmas bokeh lights. Multiethnic couple dancing in love on a NYE date.
NYE dates are the perfect setup for romance.

Absolutely Swish New Years Stage Night Out

New Year’s Eve is a wonderful excuse to get dressed up. Gold, silver, glitter: nearly anything goes on the last night of the year.

If you love dressing up, seek out an uber-fancy party for New Year’s Eve. These types of events can often be pricey, sometimes topping $200 or increasingly per couple, but if you want swish dancing, champagne, and a swinging soiree, this might be the way to go. Plus, you can get a second stage out of it by shopping for your outfits together.

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Be of Service Together

Volunteering with your partner is unchangingly a unconfined wing to any list of stage ideas. In our post on Christmas traditions for couples, we include the suggestion of volunteering together during the holidays. Well, New Year’s Eve is as good a night as any.

In this season of giving, taking time to be selfless and requite when to your polity is kind and meaningful. Doing it slantingly your partner is incredibly special, bonding you in new ways as you do something together to help others.

Celebrate Somewhere Amazing

We’re a couples travel blog, so OF COURSE we have to recommend something travel-related for New Year’s Eve!

Listen to your wanderlust calling and go somewhere epic this year! Need ideas for ideas for a New Years Eve getaway? Trammels out these New Year’s Eve getaways suggested by an variety of travel experts on our friend Gemma’s blog.

In fact, a lot of these global locations definitely rival New York Municipality for New Year’s Eve. Just squint at the celebrations in Sydney and Edinburgh!

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Fireworks go off overdue a couple
Date ideas for New Year’s Eve with fireworks are unchangingly so magical!

At-Home New Year’s Eve Stage Ideas

There are many romantic things to do on New Year’s Eve that don’t require an expensive night out. Maybe you and your partner can’t stand the thought of spending your evening in a rowdy, likely drunken crowd? That’s okay. We’ve got stay-at-home New Year’s Eve stage ideas for you here.

There is veritably nothing wrong with staying home for New Year’s Eve, and it can be veritably just as special and romantic. In fact, it might plane be more romantic. Your hovel awaits.

Pajama Party for Two

Slip into something increasingly well-appointed (aka your flannel PJs) and get ready for a fun evening. You can play board games, have a movie marathon, melt something epic together, or just spend a couple hours between the sheets—the nomination is yours.

One thing we love doing during an at-home stage night is creating a special, non-traditional meal. Why not pretend you’re at a big party and have plates of your favorite hors-d’oeuvres? Pigs in a wrap and mini quiche, here we come. Here are some great stage night dinner recipes.

Pssst! Don’t forget the champagne so you can toast properly at midnight; this is a trappy moment for couples on New Year’s Eve!

Young romantic couple on New Year's Eve is spending time together at home in pajamas
New Year’s Eve as a couple is so cozy!

Around the World New Year’s Eve for Two

This is the low-key version of the party we suggested above. Not in the mood to host a gaggle of guests? No problem. You can do this party on a much smaller scale for just the two of you.

The same vital rules wield (food and traditions from virtually the world) but you can add various other elements into the night. Plus, you can incorporate the very cooking and preparation of the supplies as part of your evening, which is often half the fun!

Do a Year-End Review (and Share)

One thing I love to do at the end of the year is a Year End Review or Year End Ritual. I first got the idea from the typesetting The Not So Big Life by Sarah Susanka. It has since evolved vastitude the questions in the typesetting to include some of my own.

While I don’t unchangingly manage to do a full year-end review (it can take hours or plane days) it’s something I veritably ADORE and which I really just need to make time for it annually.

Read our post to learn increasingly well-nigh the Year End Review/Ritual.

If you do plan to a do a review, one of the perfect things for couples to do on New Year’s Eve is to share these. Now, they are quite personal, so you might not be well-appointed sharing the unshortened thing with your partner, but it can be a sunny way to speak aloud some of your goals and wishes for the New Year. Sharing with your partner can be truly bonding, too.

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Make Resolutions Together

New Year’s is the time for making resolutions, is it not?

So it makes sense that one of the weightier New Years Eve things to do for couples would be creating resolutions together.

While you should veritably set your own personal goals, a relationship or marriage deserves its own goals and resolutions, too. Our friends at Happily Ever Adventures have a unconfined list of 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Couples, all of which will strengthen your yoke and grow your love.

After you make your individual and couples resolutions, you might consider a variegated approach, as well. Sometimes resolutions are a rencontre considering the goals we set can seem too big. Resolutions can finger like “all or nothing.”

You may want to set “intentions” for your year instead. You can segregate a guiding principle or word for the coming year, too. This is a very sweet NYE couples thing to do!

Relive Your Diaper New Year’s Eve Traditions

Need to create new traditions as a couple? We are fans of bringing old traditions when to life!

What did you do on New Year’s when you were a kid? Bring that back! As I mentioned at the start of this post, my family was big into banging pots and pans at midnight.

We would throne outside with all manner of wooden spoons, stainless steel pots, and shiny lids and strike them together most forcefully! How we never bothered anyone in my grandparent’s residential neighborhood I’ll never know.

If you don’t have any NYE traditions from childhood, you can incorporate trademark new ones or include some from the Christmas season. In fact, get creative and start something new and plane a bit weird. It will surely make your New Year’s celebrations memorable.

Read increasingly of our favorite stay at home stage night ideas here.

Read Your Horoscopes for the New Year

Whip out those yearly horoscopes and read each others’. Whether you believe in astrology or not, it is unchangingly fun to see what the “stars” have in mind for you for the year.

A fun bonus idea for couples is to research the compatibility of your signs. Luckily for us, Virgo and Cancer go together very well! Phew!

Couple kisses with wine glasses and New Year's Eve romance
Just a little New Year’s Eve romance.

Make Predictions for One Another

One New Year’s Eve, my family and I all made predictions for one flipside for the coming year.

These predictions were sort of general, sort of specific, but they were all positive and a whole lot of fun. Considering we knew each other so well, it widow a really personal element. And wouldn’t you know it, some of the predictions really did come true.

This is one of our favorite NYE ideas for couples considering it is a happy and sweet activity. Make a prediction for your partner for the New Year. Think nonflexible well-nigh it and make it something both realistic and encouraging.

You can moreover make up funny predictions, too. (I predict you will watch a lot of Netflix in the coming year).

Whatever you predict, we recommend writing it lanugo and keeping it handy (your smartphone’s Notes app is good for this) so you can trammels when during the year and see how well-judged the predictions have been!

Start a Why We Are Superstitious Together Jar

A Why We Are Superstitious jar – or container of any kind – is basically planning your next New Year’s Eve stage together. Every day, you write something lanugo well-nigh your day together whether it’s just “today we tried the Cinnamon Mocha latte from the new coffee place – amazing!” or something plane deeper like “today we decided to start trying for a baby!” Next New Year’s Eve, you two can sit lanugo together and review your year and all the lovely things you’ve experienced together!

Dress Up and Flit – At Home

Finally, you can combine the fun of a New Year’s Eve party undercurrent with the comforts of home. Have your own fancy flit party!

This is a unconfined idea for all couples, but is expressly user-friendly if you do have kids and don’t have a babysitter/prefer staying home. As a family, stay up and prepare for the inrush of midnight together. For younger kids, host a “faux” midnight warm-up at their normal bedtime.

The evening should include special snacks, the making of wishes and resolutions, and plenty of dancing. While a pajama party is unchangingly a nice choice, you can moreover dress up in your finery as if you were going out for a night on the town.

This makes everyone—kids included—feel uneaten excitement, and it definitely helps to mark the occasion as special.

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?

PS: Bookmark these other timely stage ideas for later! When you’re ready to try something new, we’ve got you covered: