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50 Festive & Romantic Christmas Messages for Him

Are you searching for the perfect Christmas wishes for your boyfriend? Perhaps sweet Christmas texts for your husband? You’re in the right place considering we’ve got some unconfined Christmas messages for him here for you to segregate from. Some of the increasingly flirty Christmas texts could plane land you on the Naughty List… the fun Naughty List, of course!

Christmas is the perfect time to tell people how you feel, so unshut up and let your man know how much he ways to you with these romantic Christmas messages for him!

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Christmas Messages for Him

Flirty Christmas Texts for Him

A woman teases her man with flirty Christmas texts
A little teasing with punny, flirty Christmas texts can be fun!

It’s the night surpassing Christmas and all through my house, I just alimony wishing you were here.

It’s Christmas time and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have jingle my wedding than you!

What’s a person gotta do to get you to come over and help me find my Christmas spirit?

Baby it’s unprepossessed outside… wanna come snuggle?

I think we should jingle all the way together tonight, what do you think?

I just alimony thinking well-nigh you and how immensely I want you to come deck my halls.

Think you’d like to come spread a little Christmas cheer at my place?

If you’re making a list and checkin’ it twice, just know the only thing I really want for Christmas is you!

I think Santa gets unbearable milk and cookies, so how well-nigh you come over and we have those milk and cookies for breakfast tomorrow?

I know I’m too old to sit on Santa’s lap, can I sit on yours instead?

Hey, wanna see if we can land on the Naughty List together?

How would you like to come roast your chestnuts on my unshut fire?

Idk if I’ve been a good unbearable girl/boy or not, but all I asked Santa for this year was you…

If I had to segregate someone to come lanugo my chimney tonight, I know who I’d choose… hint, it’s not Santa!

Want to come to my place and see where I’ve hung the mistletoe?

I’ve made my list and I’ve checked it twice. It was pretty easy considering you’re the only thing on my list this year!

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Sweet Christmas Texts for Him

I just love that I am fa la la la la-alling for you increasingly and increasingly each day.

I love you from my throne to mistletoe!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year for me considering we are together.

There’s nothing on my Christmas list but you this year, my love.

There are many gifts under my tree this year, but you’re what I’m most thankful for always.

As magical as the holidays are, you make every day seem magical just by stuff there for me.

I light up like a Christmas tree when I think of you, you know that?

I love you so much, I hope I can help make this Christmas merry & unexceptionable for you.

You are the greatest Christmas souvenir I could overly receive!

Christmas isn’t Christmas until I get to snuggle into your arms.

The Grinch may have stolen Christmas, but you’ve stolen my heart!

I’m sending you hugs, kisses, and Christmas wishes!

I’ll be home for Christmas… but it won’t be the same if you’re not with me.

It might be unprepossessed outside this Christmas, but your love unchangingly gives me a warm glow.

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Romantic Christmas Messages for Him

A couple embrace on the floor while sharing romantic christmas texts for him
Romantic Christmas texts for him should ideally end with this kind of embrace!

I hope you know how much you midpoint to me at Christmas and all through the year.

This Christmas, I want you to know you are my everything and I venerate you.

My sweet man, you are perfect for me and I love you. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, my love. Hope you’re having a magical day.

Although we can’t be together this Christmas, I know our future holds plenty of trappy shared Christmases together.

Your love is the weightier souvenir I’ve overly received, on Christmas or any day of the year.

You make every day finger like Christmas, I just hope today is as magical for you as it is for me!

When I think of how much life has reverted since meeting you, I finger incredibly happy to know you at Christmas and always.

I just want to make you happy at Christmas and all through the year.

Making Christmas memories with you is all I want today, my love.

You make me so excited for our future, it’s the weightier Christmas souvenir I could overly imagine!

You are the man of my dreams and you deserve every Christmas wish you have to come true!

Christmas with you is pure magic, my love.

You are a Christmas wish come true every day of the year.

I love you so much, I hope you have a Christmas that is merry and bright.

You are where my heart is, and all I want for Christmas is you.

My sweet man, you have shown me how much joy my heart can hold… I wish you all the Christmas joy your heart can hold today.

You make everything make sense, and this Christmas season is no different.

Christmas or not, I want to be a souvenir to you every day.

Every day is Christmas when I’m with you.

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Christmas is a unconfined time of year to make your man finger uneaten special with Christmas messages for him. Whether you’re looking for Christmas wishes for a boyfriend or Christmas wishes for husbands, hopefully you’ve found something here on this list of flirty, sweet, and romantic Christmas messages for him.

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