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50 of the Sweetest, Most Romantic Christmas Messages for Her

Tis the season to tell your love how you really feel, so if you’re looking for romantic messages for her, you’re in the right place. Maybe you’re looking for the perfect flirty text to send to your girlfriend on Christmas Eve, or maybe you just need romantic Christmas wishes for your wife while you two are apart. There are plane spicy Christmas texts for when you’re feeling a little naughty, too!

Communication in relationships is unchangingly important and Christmas is the perfect time of year to let your feelings be known, so say it right with one of these romantic Christmas messages for her.

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Christmas Messages for Her

Flirty Christmas Texts for Her

A woman smiles at her phone reading flirty Christmas texts for her
Flirty Christmas texts for her will hopefully have her grinning at her phone!

Everyone over here is trying to waddle virtually the Christmas tree, but the only thing I want to waddle virtually is you!

I’m having one of those stupid silent nights, want to get together and make some Christmas noise?

Baby it’s unprepossessed outside, so I’ll come to you, k?

I alimony thinking well-nigh you and want to know: are you feeling naughty or nice tonight?

How well-nigh I come over and we jingle all the way?

Forget Santa, want to come sit on my lap instead?

I’ve come up with a creative placement for my mistletoe… wanna come over and see?

It’s the night surpassing Christmas and all through my house I just alimony thinking the only thing missing is you.

Can I see you tonight? I just want to spread some Christmas cheer 😉

You’re the only person I can imagine jingling my bells!

I’ve made my list and I’ve checked it twice, and it was pretty easy considering the only thing I want for Christmas this year is you!

I know you’re a good girl most of the year, but what if we try to make the Naughty List together tonight?

How would you like to get together and raise our Christmas spirit with some Christmas cocktails? My treat!

You’re not just any Christmas gift, babe, you’re the whole unshortened package!

So can I come over and help deck your halls tonight?

I can’t wait to see you tonight, I’m freezing! I’d warm myself by the fire, but you’re just way hotter.

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Sweet Christmas Texts for Her

It’s unchangingly the Most Wonderful Time of the Year for me when we are together.

You are incredible and you make every day merry & unexceptionable for me!

I know the Grinch stole Christmas, but you stole my heart.

I love you from the top of my throne all the way lanugo to my mistletoe.

Just knowing I’m yours and you’re mine lights me up like a Christmas tree.

I don’t plane superintendency how unprepossessed it is outside, thinking of you unchangingly gives me a warm glow.

I’ll be home for Christmas, but it could never be the same as stuff with you.

I don’t plane superintendency what ends up under the tree on Christmas morning, you’ve been the greatest souvenir of my life.

My Christmas list is very simple this year, babe… it’s just you.

I’m sending you all my hugs, kisses, and Christmas wishes!

Do you know you have me fa la la la la-ing increasingly and increasingly for you every single day?

You’re as sweet as a snacks cane and I just can’t wait to see you again!

You’re an angel, I’m just glad you’re getting a unravel from topping the tree!

Just thinking of you takes my vapor yonder like stepping outside in this frosty air does.

I know it’s supposed to be well-nigh the magic of the season, but honestly, you are my magic, always.

Christmas is the time to give, and I just want to requite you everything your heart desires.

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Romantic Christmas Messages for Her

A couple snuggles together without sharing romantic Christmas messages for her
Even if you’re apart, romantic Christmas messages for her should make her finger warm and loved like this.

Every day since we’ve met, I’ve fallen plane harder for you. I hope this Christmas is everything you want and hope for.

You make me a largest person just by stuff with you; on Christmas day and every day, you deserve it all.

I love you so much and just want you to finger all the Christmas magic your heart desires!

I can’t imagine wanting anything else in the world when I once have you, the greatest souvenir of my life.

You are such an incredible influence on me, I just want to make Christmas special for you the way you make every day for me.

You midpoint so much to me and I am here for you on Christmas and every day of the year.

Even if we can’t be together this Christmas, I want you to know you are unchangingly in my heart.

There’s no Christmas joy for me like when we are together, and that’s not plane really Christmas, it’s just you.

You make me excited for our future together, and I’m looking forward to this Christmas and all the Christmases together to come.

If I could buy you a souvenir that could make you finger the way I do when I see your name pop up on my screen, I would buy you 10 of them.

Your love is the kind of souvenir that no Christmas souvenir can overly rival.

Christmas is the season of warmth and love, but for me, you are my season of warmth and love.

All I want for Christmas is you, always.

There could be no largest Christmas manna for me than just knowing we vest to each other.

I love making Christmas memories with you, my love.

I veritably venerate you, at Christmas and all the other days of the year.

I never really understood it before, but you’ve made me understand that Christmas magic is really just well-nigh stuff with the one you love most.

My Christmas promise to you is that I will be here for you from now on, no matter what.

Truthfully, every day is Christmas with you.

You have my heart, for Christmas and always.

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Whether you were looking for Christmas messages for a new girlfriend, long loftiness Christmas messages for your love, or Christmas texts for your wife while you’re apart, hopefully you’ve found something that worked for you in this list of romantic Christmas messages for her.

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