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How To Give A Hickey

Hickey can also be called a love bite. It is normally seen when partners are making out. It’s a bite that you romantically give your partner, which can turn red and later turn to purple color when it begins to heal.

It’s not always a bite, it can sometimes be a strong kiss made on the body of your partner but it’s always a kind of sucking. The reason why it turns red is because of the broken blood vessels beneath the skin. 

For instance. If you are giving your partner a hickey on the neck, it will be as if you are sucking out everything at that particular area, the skin surrounding the area will be in your mouth so that place will turn red because of the broken blood vessels beneath the skin.

There are many ways in which you can give your partner a hickey, and those ways are listed and explained below. 

So if you are interested in knowing every steps of it, carefully go through this article and get every bit of information that you need.

How To Give A Hickey

  • Be mindful of the present condition.

This is very important when trying to give your partner a hickey. You have to know when he or she is in a good condition, you shouldn’t except an unhappy person to enjoy a hickey because it has to do with emotions. So, consider the mood and situation at hand and know when to make your move.

  • Understanding what hickey is all about.

This is also one of the crucial one, if you do not know what hickey is like, how will you except your partner to understand what you are about to do. So, cool down and understand what hickey is all about so that you will know how to go about. 

  • Ask for permission before giving a hickey.

Sometimes, there are some people who don’t like it, and if your partner happens to be one of those people, that means your plan won’t work. But for you to know that, you should romantically ask for his or her permission to do that, his or her response will determine your next action. 

  • Build up tension.

It is important to build up the emotions so that you can achieve a successful and romantic hickey. Like I said before, hickey goes with emotions, so you are supposed to build up the tension and make work easier for you. You can achieve that through romancing, kissing, hugging and caressing, from there you can slowly move to what you want.

  • Know where to give a hickey.

This is so because, some partner may not like a visible area, like the neck or any other place that people can easily noticed. So if you partner doesn’t want it anywhere that will attract the eyes of other people , then do not do it. Choose a place that he or she likes. Hickey can be done at any part of the body.

How To Give A Hickey

  • Slightly part your lips and place them on the skin.

Part your lips slightly and come more closer to place your parted lips on skin. Do it with passion and achieve your goal.

  • Suck the skin.

Suck the skin of any are that your mouth is placed. Do not bite, just make use of your tongue and mouth but not your teeth. Suck the area in a way that will form a hickey.

  • Smoothly and romantically end it.

End the hickey but let it be smooth and romantic. Start by removing your mouth gradually from his or her flesh till your whole mouth is withdrawn.

  • Relax and wait for the hickey to appear.

Do not be in a haste to leave after sucking the skin. You will have to relax and wait for the hickey to appear before leaving. You can lay your head on his or her shoulder romantically and chat few minutes so that the hickey can appear.

  • You can make another hickey if your partner requested for it

You can make as much hickey as you want. Just wait for your partner’s order, if he or she needs more, you give another.

How To Hide A Hickey

  • Make use of concealer
  • Cover the area with a band
  • Wear a scarf around it
  • Apply cream if necessary