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If You Want to Date More Take Off Your Headphones

Today on Dear Sybersue I discuss the topic: If You Want to Stage More, Take Off Your Headphones.

Many men and women are weeping that they never meet anyone and how difficult dating has wilt today. One of the biggest problems as to why this is happening is considering people are so plugged into their smartphones and seldom squint up at what is going on virtually them. There is so little face-to-face interaction or human connection these days.

Everyone is walking with their heads lanugo staring at their phones and not looking up until they literally tumor into someone considering they are not paying attention. I have seen people scrutinizingly get hit by cars while they are walking and texting on their phones, and don’t plane get me going well-nigh the people who text while they drive!

Many companies are now raising a no-phone policy in their meetings, which is a unconfined thing! It forces everyone to pay sustentation and make eye contact with whoever is speaking. It is important to finger heard and have reciprocated boundaries within your job environment. You moreover want to be respected and finger valued when it comes to your viewpoint and your contributions as a team player.

I can’t plane imagine how nonflexible it must be for teachers in the classrooms. To be fair, these kids have grown up with a lamina phone tying to their thumbs, so they really don’t know anything else, or finger that there is anything wrong with regularly checking their social media. The worthier problem here, of course, is, that it can impede our children from learning to their full potential and understanding the importance of socially interacting with others.

This can alimony them from contributing in a social setting, and it certainly doesn’t add anything to enhance their self-esteem. If they don’t engage in conversations with others, how do they learn to be interactive and confident throughout their lifetime? It is one thing to be zippy on social media, but it is flipside thing to finger worrisome and intimidated when communicating in a social setting.

“Your vision are the window to your soul.” Looking into someone’s vision can tell you so much well-nigh them.

You are missing out on meeting some interesting people if you are unchangingly looking lanugo at your phone, or you are wired into your earbuds. Hey, I love my phone just as much as the next person, but I know when to put it yonder and unclose my surroundings. Spending an evening with friends should consist of laughter and unconfined conversations. Taking 30 minutes to post photos of your meal isn’t proper etiquette and will requite you a reputation that you might not like to acquire.


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Many men and women are tired of online dating and have given up on their pursuit of finding love in this manner. It’s definitely not for everyone and can wilt very time-consuming. If you want to sooner meet your life partner organically, you should be socializing often. Take your headphones off, put lanugo your phone, and talk to people when you are out! It moreover takes yonder some of the nerves when talking to someone you may be interested in at a later date. The increasingly you practice conversing with others, the increasingly well-appointed you will become.

Make eye contact and smile. You don’t have to stage everyone you say hello to, but get in the habit of stuff friendly with people you come across. Whether it is at a coffee shop, your local gym or just passing by someone on the street, supporting their presence with a smile, is a unconfined opener to a conversation. You may be very surprised at the results! When someone says hi, and acknowledges you, does it not make you finger noticed?

Many people are starting to finger invisible due to what has transpired with our anti-social behavior, and are rhadamanthine quite lonely. All you have to do is take public transport one day and squint around. 85% of the people are plugged into some device, completely ignorant of their environment. Plane just looking out the window at what is transpiring outside, is a largest tideway to staying somewhat connected.

Don’t let life pass you by considering you are too plugged in, to see the wonderful opportunities that are misogynist to you every day. Be present and embrace your surroundings.

What do you think well-nigh this topic? Are you guilty of stuff on your phone all the time, plane when you’re out with friends for the evening? Are social media sites like Instagram an tendency for you? I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. I will unchangingly take time to wordplay you back. Please watch the video whilom and leave your comments below! Thank you.

Sybersue xo <3


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