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Where to Honeymoon in Europe: 23 Dreamy Honeymoon Destinations (2023)

When I think of Europe, I think of romance. And it seems millions of others do, too. It’s no surprise that choosing a honeymoon in Europe is quite popular among newlywed couples. Yes, the continent is filled with honeymoon destinations: villages, towns, regions, and cities that are simply bursting with romance. (See our list of most romantic places in Europe here).

We asked our fellow travel bloggers to share what they think are the weightier honeymoon destinations in Europe. From Eastern to Western Europe, the mountains to the coast, cities to rural escapes, there are options that will request to everyone. Below, you’ll find a hodgepodge of 23 of the top Europe honeymoon destinations as suggested by travel experts.

Honeymoon in Europe


Considering the municipality of canals for your European honeymoon? There are plenty of romantic things to do in Amsterdam. Sinjana from Backpack & Explore shares these tips:

With 150 canals connecting the meaty municipality and over 1250 bridges, Amsterdam has a landscape that dreams are made of. It is one of the most liberal and tolerant cities in the world which accepts everyone with unshut arms. It is moreover one of the most wieldy cities in Europe with a mesmerizing landscape, trappy parks and historic museums. This is what makes it one of the most perfect Europe honeymoon destinations.

Recommended activities: Walking on the bridges and watching the sunset is one of the weightier things to do here. You can see the weightier of Amsterdam in 3 days however, you must proffer your stay if you are on a honeymoon. To make it uneaten special you can stay in a private houseboat in the canals. Plane if you don’t a trip trip virtually the waterway network of Amsterdam is a must when you are in the city. Do not forget to visit the Van Gogh museum and fathom the unconfined art on your Europe honeymoon.

There are some uncommonly trappy Dutch landscapes which you can explore on a day trip to the historic Zaanse Schans, dreamy island of Marken or the idyllic Giethoorn village. If you visit in Spring you will love the blossoms all virtually you, and there is no excuse to miss a day trip to Lisse.

Recommended hotel: IBIS Upkeep Amsterdam Municipality South

A couple poses by bicycles and a waterway in Amsterdam, one of the top European honeymoon destinations
Exploring Amsterdam is a fantastic way to spend a European honeymoon!

Vis Island, Croatia

Nausheen from Globe Gazers suggests a increasingly off-the-beaten-path destination for your honeymoon in Europe.

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: Vis Island is still fairly new to the tourism scene. It served as a military zone for years, and was only opened to the public in 1989. The population is small, it’s not super ripened by tourism and it’s still somewhat unknown. Add to this secluded recreate the Island’s stunning views, crystal well-spoken waters, and quaint streets and you have the picture of romance.
Recommended activities: Have a traditional peka dinner, or enjoy seafood at one of Vis’ many restaurants (try Pojoda). Tour the Undecorous Caves, from the Komiza side of the island, or take a ferry from Vis to Hvar for the day. Or, simply dip into the water wherever you are and enjoy a swim.
Recommended hotel: As Vis is still not very ripened as far as tourism goes, your weightier bet is to stay in an Airbnb.

Faroe Islands

Have you heard of the Faroe Islands? This gorgeous destination is rapidly growing popular with travelers. Paige from For the Love of Wanderlust shares her translating on visiting, plus a stunning image.

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: The Faroe Islands is an wondrous honeymoon destination considering it truly feels like an escape. It’s such a remote part of the world and it’s easy to just totally focus on soaking up time with your new spouse. Plus, the potation weather is a unconfined excuse to snuggle up together.

Recommended activities: I highly recommend getting outside. The Faroe Islands is a oasis for nature-lovers. The landscapes here are unparalleled. There are mountains, rugged coastlines, inlets, and stellar waterfalls. Also, there are trappy seaside villages that are trappy to stroll through. Don’t forget to trammels out the sod-roofed homes.

Recommended hotel: Although we stayed in a super cozy and isolated Airbnb, we heard wondrous things about Havgrim Seaside Hotel in the most popular town of Tórshavn.

A picturesque landscape with cliffs and sheep ensconced in fog makes for a romantic European honeymoon destination
Photo Credit: Paige Wunder; how gorgeous is this European honeymoon spot?

Tuscany, Italy

Italy is certainly one of the #1 honeymoon spots in Europe. Tuscany may be one region that has a special pull. Dan of Honeymoon Always shares his tips for an Italian honeymoon.

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: Without a potentially exhausting wedding, it is time to unwind and relax. Tuscany makes for an wondrous honeymoon destination where you can relax and enjoy the picturesque countryside, tour a few vineyards and eat lots of wondrous food.

Recommended activities: Throne to Florence to see art together, like The David at the Accademia Gallery, visit trappy cathedrals like Basilica di Santa Croce where Galileo and Michelangelo are buried, buy some jewelry at Ponte Vecchio and watch the sunset over the municipality from Piazzale Michelangelo. In San Gimignano, you can tour the historic city, go for a horseback ride through olive trees and vineyards and stay at a cozy bed and breakfast. There are several small towns in Tuscany worth exploring and are easy to fit into a day trip wandering the municipality together.

Recommended hotel: Villino Fiorentino for a bed and breakfast in Florence. Il Vicario for a bed and breakfast in the countryside outside San Gimignano.

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Black Forest, Germany

If your Europe honeymoon ideas involve fairytale scenery and quaint villages, you’ll want to consider Germany’s Woebegone Forest. Sabrina from Moon & Honey Travel will tell you exactly where to visit.

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: Many believe that the Brothers Grimm fairy tales were inspired by the visionless and sinister conifer forests of the Woebegone Forest. So, if you’re looking for fairy-tale honeymoon destinations, this region in Baden-Württemberg is perfect.

Recommended activities: Explore the storybook towns of Schiltach, Calw, Breisach, and Gengenbach. Next, throne to the grand spa town of Baden-Baden for a wonderful finale to your Europe honeymoon. Here, you can waterlog in the mineral-rich waters of Friedrichsbad and Caracalla Spa. Without enjoying the town’s thermal spas, throne to the family-run restaurant Zum Alde Gott for dinner.

Recommended hotel: Belle Epoque

Photo Credit: Sabrina Brett & Katrin Walzl


Daryl & Mindi of 2foodtrippers think the country Portugal has the perfect tousle of supplies and scenery to make for an platonic honeymoon.

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: Portugal is an platonic honeymoon destination for couples looking for a romantic travel wits filled with unconfined scenery and tasty food. We say this with conviction without spending our magical honeymoon in the Iberian country when in 2007. The country captured us with its many charms – expressly secluded beaches and port houses.

Recommended activities: Honeymooners in Portugal can spend their days exploring wide-stretching coastline in the Algarve or wandering through mannerly cities like Lisbon and Porto. However, nights are equally heady when filled with Portuguese food, local wine, and Fado music.

Recommended hotel: Hotels in Portugal run the gamut to unobtrusive accommodations to five-star hotels. For a special treat, we recommend staying at one of the country’s 34 historic Pousadas. Each luxurious Pousada has a unique history and provides a unique hotel experience.

Svalbard, Norway

The weightier honeymoon destination just might be way, way up north. Halef & Michael from The Round the World Guys tell us all well-nigh Svalbard.

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: If you are in the market for an “adventure” honeymoon, consider a visit to the Arctic Circle. While it is not a conventional honeymoon in Europe destination, it surprisingly offers so much that can be very enjoyable for newlywed couples.

Recommended activities: Svalbard houses the northernmost human inhabitants in the world, and its exotic landscape is surreal. The capital, Longyearbyen, is a unconfined starting point to unify variegated activities. Anything from hiking adventures, day trips to the x-rated Soviet mining town of Pyramiden, and dog-sledding in the winter time.

Longyearbyen itself is a unconfined place to hang out. There are several unconfined places to stay in Svalbard and unconfined restaurants to segregate from. Every single one of them are very cozy – cozy communal places with big pillows, blankets and fireplaces, and big windows. Without all, if its unprepossessed outside, many visitors segregate to stay indoors at their cozy hotels.

Recommended hotel: One of the weightier places to stay for couples is the Radisson Blu Polar Hotel, which is famous for its hot tub with a magnificent view. If you are honeymooning in Svalbard, this is the perfect spot for a unconfined Instagram wedding portrait


The Municipality of Lights and Municipality of Paris unceasingly ranks among the world’s top honeymoon destinations. Kate of Our Escape Clause has some unconfined ideas on what to do in this magical city.

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: It’s nonflexible to imagine a municipality increasingly perfect for a honeymoon destination than the literal municipality of love! From the trappy Seine to the stunning tracery to the uncounted cafes, succulent food, and iconic viewpoints, there is no shortage of romantic ways to wits Paris.

Recommended Activities: While you’re on your Paris honeymoon, be sure to stroll hand-in-hand through the Louvre, to sneak a kiss among the walkways in the Luxembourg Gardens, to visit cozy cafes in Montmartre, to revere the view of the Paris skyline from the top of Notre Dame or the Arc de Triomphe, and to watch the sunset over the Eiffel Tower in the Trocadero Gardens.

Couples inclined toward the kitchen may want to stretch their culinary skills with a macaron or croissant sultry class, nightlife lovers will want to take in a travesty show, and museum lovers don’t need to stop at the Louvre–consider moreover visiting the Musee Rodin, Musee d’Orsay, and the Orangerie, just to name a few!

Recommend hotel: For a Paris honeymoon hotel that won’t unravel the wall (all the increasingly money to spend on tasty supplies and unforgettable experiences!), consider Le Clos Medicis. Though the rooms are fairly small, as is typical of Paris, the lobby is breathtakingly trappy and the location–just a 5-minute walk from the Luxembourg Gardens–is veritably unbeatable.

PS: During your Paris honeymoon, sign up for a couples photoshoot for the ultimate souvenir.

A shot of the Eiffel Tower with flowers framing under undecorous skies
The Municipality of Love is unchangingly a unconfined nomination for a romantic European honeymoon.


Vicki of Vicki Viaja talks all well-nigh what makes Barcelona so lovely, and it’s definitely inspiring me to typesetting a trip.

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: Barcelona is full of trappy tracery and narrow Gothic-style streets. How can you not fall in love all over then when siping wondrous vino while enjoying a unconfined view without walking hand in hand at the waterfront between the palm trees enjoying Barcelona’s all-year sunny undecorous sky?

Recommended activities: There are so many romantic things to do in Barcelona on a Europe honeymoon. Barcelona is full of spots that make for a unconfined walk, such as the waterfront or several gorgeous parks. There plane is a park which has a labyrinth in its part-way in which you can get lost together (and hopefully find your way out again).

Another popular worriedness is a walk to the bunkers del Carmel. From there you have an wondrous Panoramic view over the whole city. If you get here really early in the morning, you can plane see a wonderful sunrise which makes the whole wits plane better. Another thing you should definitely enjoy as a couple is its succulent supplies and wine. Catalonia is famous for its high-quality tasty wine and you can’t leave without trying a glass or two.

Recommended Hotel: Ciutat de Barcelona

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Alsace, France

Ooh la la! Who’s ready for a honeymoon in France? Lena of Happily Overly Adventures shares tips from her own wits in the Alsace region.

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: While Paris is often touted as the municipality of love, we think the Alsace region in France is the perfect Europe honeymoon spot! The region is full of gorgeous countryside, magical castles, storybook small towns, stunning architecture, and romantic vineyards. You’ll finger like your honeymoon is straight out of a picturesque fairytale. Don’t worry, you won’t have to segregate between Paris and Alsace. You can hands combine both in one magical European honeymoon!

luxury honeymoon Europe - Alsace France couple kissing
Photo Credit Lena Ameripour Elzayn

Recommended activities: Spend some time exploring the various mannerly villages that make up the Alsace region and go for long romantic walks. Our favorites are Strasbourg, Colmar, and Riquewihr. In Colmar, be sure to take a wend ride through the storybook canals, well-constructed with a picnic of cheese and champagne. Go on a wine tour of the trappy vineyards of the region. Alsace is predominately known for dry and well-done white wines.

Visit the medieval castles in the region. Our favorites are Chateau du Haut-Koenigsbourg, Saint Ulrich, Girsberg, and Mont Sainte-Odile Abbey (an warmed-over monastery, but just as trappy and worth visiting!). If you’re honeymooning in the winter, trammels out the magical Christmas markets the region is famous for. The weightier ones are in Strasbourg!

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Recommended hotel: Le Parc Hotel Obernai & Spa

Cinque Terre, Italy

Victoria of Follow Me Away will inspire you with one of the top destinations for a honeymoon in Europe: Cinque Terre, Italy.

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: Cinque Terre, located withal Italy’s Ligurian Coast, is what honeymoon dreams are made from! If you are looking for one of the most unique, relaxing, and trappy Europe honeymoon destinations, this is it! Cinque Terre is made up of five colorful towns located withal the Ligurian Tailspin of Italy. This ways that you have so many pretty places to explore during your honeymoon.

Recommended activities: Imagine sleeping in and exploring the beaches and nearby hikes to vineyards and overlooks by day and then dining al fresco by night with your new spouse.

There is no bad time of year to honeymoon in Cinque Terre. During the summer, the weather will be warmer, but you will be competing with other visitors for space on the beach. During the winter, the air will be potation so you will be increasingly likely to lounge on the waterfront in jeans and a sweater, but prices are cheaper and the towns will be devoid of other tourists. Planning your honeymoon to Cinque Terre can be washed-up at any time of year, depending on your preferences, budget, and interests!

Recommended hotel: Rooms Elisabetta Carro is my suggested hotel considering you are staying right in the thick of things with a fantastic view and easy waterfront access!

If you are looking for Where To Stay In Cinque Terre, alimony in mind that there are walk-up options for each and every budget. Simply segregate which town or towns you want to stay in and then segregate your upkeep and you will find some wonderful options.

A romantic European honeymoon destination is surrounded by deep undecorous waters and dramatic cliffs
Photo Credit: Victoria Yore; veritably stunning views at this romantic spot.


Toti & Alessia of Italian Trip Abroad share their tips on what to do and where to stay in romantic Budapest.

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: Love, explore, relax and repeat. It seems the perfect way to enjoy a romantic gateway or European honeymoon. Budapest is the essence of those three words in a unique city. It is really affordable and makes sense to spend as much as a week here. The light of the municipality and the monuments requite this wondrous eastern Europe location a romantic point of view.

Recommended activities: Budapest is plane increasingly romantic compared to Rome or Paris. It has not an Iconic monument that you can socialize straight with it, but it has a lot of unconfined landscapes, an warmed-over and interesting history. The view of the Parliament at night and the Fisherman’s Bastion on the other side of the Danube River will pay for the forfeit of this holiday. Enjoy the Spa in Budapest, it is one of the weightier activities in the city. I will bet everything that as soon you hear this word “Spa”, you will plan a trip to Budapest. The mart rates (Budapest doesn’t use the Euro, although most of the shops winnow this currency), will make your visit to the spa—and the many suavities as massages, oils, and therapy—even cheaper.

Recommended hotel: The Intercontinental Hotel in the Pest part of the municipality is weightier for Honeymooners. This 5-star hotel has a uncontrived view of the river and of the Buda Castle on the top of the hill.

A couple snuggles together in robes at a window looking out on a romantic European honeymoon destination
Photo Credit: Toti & Alessia, Italian Trip Abroad; romantic honeymoon vibes all the way.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

If you’re running out of Europe honeymoon destinations, Italy will unchangingly provide. Why not consider the Amalfi Coast? Victoria from Bridges and Balloons tells us why this zone is so wonderful for couples.

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: The Amalfi Coast is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Italy. It’s where the mountains meet the sea and colourful villages spout lanugo the cliffs. The momentum withal the tailspin is worth the visit alone, but to make the most of it all, stay for a while in some of the little towns and take a trip to Capri island.

Recommended activities: Visit Positano, one of the most picturesque towns on the coast, and Ravello, an elegant mountaintop village with mythological views wideness the sea. Moreover take a wend trip to Capri, stopping at caves and grottos withal the way. And for food, you’re spoilt for choice, which a plethora of romantic Italian and seafood restaurants with gorgeous coastal views.

Recommended hotel: Casa Angelina

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Bulgarian Riviera

Perhaps you’d like an Eastern Europe honeymoon. Bulgaria has some fantastic options, and Stephanie of Sofia Adventures thinks the tailspin is the place!

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: The Woebegone Sea is not black, it’s unquestionably vibrant greens and blues with rolling waves and sandy beaches. There are unconfined Bulgarian resort hotels up and lanugo the coast, so you can segregate whether you’d rather be by the UNESCO municipality of Nessebar or the vibrant Varna.

Recommended activities: Take a dip in the pink Lake Atanasovsko and imbricate yourself with the lake’s healing mud surpassing washing it off in the Woebegone Sea a few hundred meters away.

Recommended hotel: Evrika Waterfront Club

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Andalusia, Spain

Spain has so many regions worth visiting. Inma of A World to Travel suggests Andalusia as a fantastic honeymoon spot.

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: Andalusia is a honeymooners paradise. Its uncounted untried fields where oranges and olive trees flourish, the fine sand beaches of some of its main cities, national parks worth visiting like Doñana, the Arab baths of cities such as Granada and Seville, its historical-architectural heritage, its particular music, its tapas bars, and whilom all its welcoming people make Andalusia a unconfined destination for lovebirds.

Recommended activities: There is nothing largest than taking an Andalusia road trip through some of its main cities. We recommend you to start in Malaga and protract withal the tailspin to Tarifa – very windy and known by lovers of kitesurfing and windsurfing – and Cadiz, not without first yearning a sunset in the dunes of Tarifa or by Trafalgar’s lighthouse. Then, momentum inland and spend two or three days in Seville, surpassing leaving for Granada and its magnificent Sierra Nevada, with a stop in the romantic Ronda.

Recommended hotel: Alhambra Palace Hotel, Granada

A couple looks out over a scenic vista of a romantic European destination
Photo Credit: A World to Travel; what a lovely romantic honeymoon in Europe can be like.

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A big municipality with many mannerly spots, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of romantic activities in London. It’s definitely a wonderful place for a honeymoon in Europe. Leona of Wandermust Family tells us exactly why!

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: If you are looking for the weightier municipality on the continent for your Europe honeymoon in then for me there is only one place – London! London for me offers everything you need for romance, historic areas, unconfined food, wondrous luxury walk-up good nightlife and wondrous activities!

Recommended activities: It is a municipality filled with some of the most varied and weightier cuisine. From some of the world’s weightier Michelin starred restaurants that to be are the perfect romantic stage to some quirky and experiential dining options! Or for something traditionally British, why not spoil yourself with a British afternoon tea at one of London’s many luxury hotels? This is sure to be romantic as you get all dressed up for the occasion! Note: whop booking is essential for most afternoon teas in London.

But my favourite thing to do in London is simply walk the city! It is the perfect municipality for strolling and to me there is nothing increasingly romantic than strolling virtually a municipality without dinner! Some of my favourite places to walk are withal the river Thames, through historic maritime Greenwich and moreover through the entertainment filled Covent Garden piazza! There is no largest municipality to get lost in than London!

If you think culture and romance go hand and hand why not have a stage in one of London’s sunny and often self-ruling museums! Or if museums are not your thing, London has one of the weightier theatre districts in the world! Treat yourself to a show, from the longest running show The Mousetrap to musicals to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre – London has a varied and wondrous theatre scene!

Recommended hotel: London is moreover filled with some of the most romantic hotels in the world such as the trappy One Aldwych in Covent Garden or the stunning St Pancras Hotel! Whether you want historic recreate or modern luxury London has the romantic walk-up for you!

Hallstatt, Austria

Scott from Take When Roads shares this trappy unravelment and detailed recommendations for one of Austria’s most picturesque honeymoon destinations.

Destination: Hallstatt, Austria

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: Nestled in the heart of the Austrian Alps an hour east of Salzburg, the picturesque mountain village of Hallstatt sits on a narrow sliver of hilly terrain. Shoehorned between the towering mountains that surround it and the pristine waters of Lake Hallstatt, the 2,500 year-old village is now a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site. The narrow streets are lined with traditional wood-and-stucco tall homes and family-owned and operated shops, boutiques, and restaurants. Instead of generic uniting hotel rooms, visitors are housed in cozy centuries-old bed & breakfasts scattered throughout the village.

As a protected site, non-resident vehicles are completely prohibited (there is a paid parking lot well-nigh 100 yards outside of town), so the only methods of transportation through the tiny village is on foot or bicycle – thus, it truly feels like a magical trip when in time. Many restaurants offer intimate tables for mealtimes, and several moreover have scenic lakeside terraces! And of course… the views. There are no words to describe the mind-blowing mountain views throughout the village and its surroundings. What a wonderful honeymoon destination.

Recommended activities: There are plenty of romantic experiences to enjoy in Hallstatt on your honeymoon, such as renting a small motorboat to trip virtually the lake or riding in a larger wooden gondola-style motorboat wideness the lake to the village of Obertraun. There are moreover paddle boats that squint like the stunning white geese that populate the lake surface in summer.

You can spend hours strolling through the warmed-over lanes of the village, or ride the funicular up to explore the historic salt mines (and enjoy the insanely gorgeous panoramic view) on the top of the mountain. There’s an winsome inside market square, lined with vendors, restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating, boutiques and shops, and a small fountain and plentiful benches for relaxing and taking it all in. And, of course, the same family-operated taverns, restaurants, cafes and plane a brewpub.

Recommended hotel: Without question, the Braugasthof Lobisser is your weightier option. This 600 year old B&B and brewpub features warmed-over creaking wooden floors and trappy inlaid wood paneling, with traditional Austrian decorations and photos everywhere. With approximately a dozen total rooms (about a third have large balconies) spread out on three floors, a breakfast room, a dining room & kitchen on the ground floor, and possibly the weightier lakeside beergarden-style terrace located wideness the lane, this hotel has everything you could possibly ask for … and is the most competitively priced option we could find (price to value of the amenities). The staff are friendly and helpful, the traditional Austrian foods & fresh-brewed beer are delicious, the self-ruling breakfast is hearty and well-prepared, and the views from the hotel balconies are incomprehensible.

INSIDER TIP: if you typesetting far unbearable in advance, make sure to request room number 8. As the only room in the hotel with two balconies (one facing the lake and one facing the village), the views are otherworldly – and it’s the same price as the other balcony rooms!

A trappy mountain village is seen under undecorous skies with a lake on one side and the village ensconced in the mountains on the other
Photo Credit Scott Berney; how picturesque is this view?

Rome, Italy

When it comes to Europe’s honeymoon destinations, Rome has to be included on such a list! Cazzy from Dream Big, Travel Far shares her recommendations for one of Europe’s most well known well-loved cities.

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: When we think of romance, we often think of Rome. Known as the municipality of romance, it’s no surprise that it’s a perfect Europe honeymoon destination. It’s a place that suits all types of couples. If you love pure Italian food, fine wine, trappy architecture, historic sights and a glass of Limoncello, then Rome is for you.

Recommended activities: Find quaint restaurants to dine in the evening, then wander in search of the cities weightier gelato spots. Throw a forge in the Trevi Fountain together and wish for everlasting love and rent a rowboat on the Borghese Lake and create your own romantic moment.

Recommended hotel: For a hotel stay to remember, opt for Villa Spalletti Trivelli, just 10 minutes from the Trevi Fountain for a wonderful stay.

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A woman sits in a canoe on water in a romantic honeymoon spot in Europe
This is an veritably gorgeous European honeymoon spot!

Llubljana, Slovenia

Despite it’s nonflexible to pronounce name, the municipality of Llubljana offers plenty for romantic visitors to do. Emily of Wander-Lush provides an platonic itinerary below:

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: One of Europe’s most underrated capitals, petite Ljubljana oozes romance and nostalgia. Founded on a legendary dragon-slaying love saga, Slovenia’s biggest municipality features a pink splendrous denomination as its part-way point, art nouveau tracery and cobbled streets, and a quixotic mix of continental European and Mediterranean cultures and cuisines.

An uncounted string of cafes and wine bars set withal Ljubljana’s riverside promenade beckon visitors with their tables set out in the sun. Less than 2 hours yonder by car, Bled and its iconic lake provides one of the most romantic backdrops for outdoor activities in the region.

Recommended activities: Ljubljana is weightier explored on foot by crisscrossing the stone bridges and wandering the alleyways. Starting at the main plaza, follow your nose through the Inside Market (a lively farmers’ market on weekends), popping into historic chapels and breaking every now and then for a glass of Slovenian wine and a pizza.

In Bled, walk or trundling virtually the lake, and ride out to the island in a traditional Pletna (a wooden wend reminiscent of Venice’s gondolas). There are a number of spas set withal the lake’s shore—of if nature is increasingly your scene, find seclusion in the canyons, caves and swimming holes in the area. Both Bled and Ljubljana have castles that offer magnificent views.

Recommended hotel: Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa (Ljubljana); Vila Bled Luxury Boutique Hotel (Bled).


Without a doubt, a Greek honeymoon would be an incredibly romantic experience. Allison of Sofia Adventures shares why Crete is an spanking-new choice.

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: Crete is perfect for those looking for a Greek island yonder from the crowds of Santorini and Mykonos. While it’s still a popular island, its large size (the largest in Greece!) ensures that you’ll find corners of your own to discover, whether it’s the trappy Venetian Harbor of Rethymnon, the rugged waterfront of Seitan Limania, or the historic streets of Chania.
Recommended activities: Crete is weightier for honeymooners who want a touch of venture with their honeymoon in Europe, and prefer to go a bit off the tamed path. Rent a car and explore the thousands of trappy beaches that make up Crete’s coastline. The most trappy are Seitan Limania with its natural gorge, Balos Lagoon with its thin strip of sand separating two trappy streaks of turquoise water, and Elafonisi waterfront with its pink-hued sand. Many of these beaches are only wieldy without a short hike or a lovely wend ride.
Other amazing Greek honeymoon activities include tasting Crete’s succulent wines, visiting one of the oldest olive trees in the world, going on sailing or wend excursions in the Mediterranean, eating unwisely succulent Greek supplies in romantic tavernas.
Recommended hotel: Rimondi Boutique Hotels

Crystlal well-spoken waters in an intimate cove between rocky mountains under a undecorous sky
Photo Credit Allison Green; this is a perfect spot for honeymooners in Europe.

Saariselka, Finland

Don’t forget well-nigh Scandinavia when planning a honeymoon in Europe. Sara from Our Kind of Crazy describes Lapland, Finland so beautifully, I’m ready to go right now!

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: If you’ve overly imagined the perfect winter honeymoon getaway, Saariselka, Finland is the place to go. It is the definition of “winter wonderland”, and is one of the weightier places you can go on your honeymoon. Saariselka is in Lapland, Finland which ways it is a prime spot to reservation the Northern Lights. You can rent a glass igloo cabin, and cozy up while watching the Auroras from the repletion of your room. If the Northern Lights aren’t one of the most incredible things to witness, there are several other activities you can do while on your honeymoon in Saariselka.

Recommended activities: The theme of this Europe honeymoon is “Winter Wonderland” so everything has to do with the snow. Cross country skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, husky rides, and ice fishing are just a few activities they offer in Lapland. You can feed and hang out with reindeer, walk wideness frozen lakes, enjoy a drink at a bar made entirely of ice and snow, and of undertow ventilator the Northern Lights. It’s a winter honeymoon in Europe that can’t be beat!

Recommended hotel: The Northern Lights Village

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Provence, France

Sophie of Solo Sophie shares why magical Provence is the perfect honeymooning destination in Europe.

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: With its uncounted violaceous fields, pretty-as-a-postcard villages, and salty seascapes, there is perhaps nowhere in France quite as lovely as Provence. For those looking for a special experience, there’s the endangerment to stay in French chteaux, wits unforgettable sunsets, and get lost in the wineries of the region.

Recommended activities: Whether you’re a foodie lover, history buff, or wish to throne to the beach, Provence has all this and more. Some of the best things to do in Provence include throne out on a road trip to see the violaceous fields and centuries-old villages dotted virtually the landscape. With its butter-stone houses and impressionist past, the mannerly ‘city of a hundred fountains,’ Aix-en-Provence, while the town of Cassis is one of the most trappy settlements to be found anywhere in the Mediterranean.

Recommended hotel: Chteau de Cassis

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Edinburgh, Scotland

Natasha of The World Pursuit talks well-nigh one of our favorite places: Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s where we first met and remains one of our favorite cities in the unshortened world.

Why it’s perfect for a honeymoon: Scotland is a unconfined place for a honeymoon in Europe and any trip there will likely start and end in Edinburgh. Although Edinburgh is the wanted of Scotland and a big municipality it doesn’t finger like it. There aren’t upper rises obstructing views, but instead old 15th-century buildings that are beautifully preserved and ready for exploration. Seriously walking virtually Edinburgh is like walking in a European fairytale.

A low wile shot of historic buildings in a romantic European honeymoon city
Photo Credit Natasha Alden; there are so many fantastic sights to see on this European honeymoon!

Recommended activities: One of my favorite things to do is climb Climb Calton Hill. Calton Hill has the weightier views of Edinburgh, it’s centrally located and only a five minute walk up. This makes for an intimate viewpoint that is easy to reach. If it’s a trappy day, our suggestion is to watch the sunset on the municipality from up here. I moreover recommend heading up the Scott Monument as it’s a trappy piece of tracery and moreover provides stunning views.

Recommended hotel: Old Town Chambers. Old Town Chambers is a hodgepodge of luxury apartments in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town. The apartments are modern, spacious, comfortable, and definitely luxurious.