Celebrating OkCupid Success Stories

Millions of matches are made on OkCupid every week — today, we’re highlighting 6 superstitious OkCupid couples

What’s largest to gloat than love? Now that springtime has officially arrived, love is in the air — and we’re feeling particularly nostalgic over all of the wondrous couples who have found their love on OkCupid. Here are some of their stories.

Colin & Carlene

Both of us lived in the Bay Area for years but had no idea each other existed until OkCupid brought us together in the sunny summer of ’16. We knew without the first stage when we both had butterflies and barely touched our lunches that we were each other’s someone special. Love can spring from anywhere given the endangerment and we will unchangingly be grateful to OkCupid for helping requite us our endangerment and stuff the start to our strong and trappy relationship.

Candace & Michelle

We met on OkCupid way when in 2013. Online dating can be intimidating but connecting on OKC was simple. We got to see and read a little well-nigh each other, message when and forth, and sooner meet in person! That one message was life changing. It led us to start dating, move in together, get married, and we just welcomed our first child in 2021! I’m so thankful that OKC (and Michelle’s bravery) led me to my venture partner for life.

Kyle & Ashley

The wildest part is that, when we met, it was her first night on the app! We had a lot in common, from a love of burgers to Todd Rundgren, and both of us rearranged our schedules to meet up as soon as we possibly could. That was in 2016. Almost 6 years later, we are married, we have two cats, a niece and a nephew. We are each other’s family, and we gained new, wondrous extended families as well. We love everything well-nigh one another, whispered from the times we have to be apart. We’ve built this wondrous life together and it all started on OkCupid.

Sarah & Tyler

We have been through so much and grew so much together. He has said he loves my selflessness and humor. I love how he takes superintendency of his family and shows so much love. We truly have a unconfined connection! I was so unsure when getting onto OkCupid, but once we connected, it was nonflexible for me to believe. Yet, over 5 years later we are still together and so happy. We are living the dream now in Alaska — fly fishing, hiking and ATV rides. Me, him, our daughter and his family are so close — its wondrous and I am very thankful!

Bailey & Sam

Bailey: I love Sam’s sense of humor and his worthiness to stay wifely in any situation, it keeps me grounded and so at ease. He is truly my unscratched place…on a good day, on a bad day, I immediately knew that was something I never wanted to live without.

Sam: I love Bailey’s bubbly personality and how she can make anyone finger like her friend. Not to mention that she is veritably trappy and ridiculously talented ;)

Matt & Jillian

Matt: I was very excited to meet Jillian. We had a lot in common. When we met in person we clicked right yonder and our first stage lasted 12 hours. We were worldly-wise to talk, connect, and have a unconfined time. I love her personality and that she can unchangingly make me laugh and smile. I moreover love that we have so much in common. I love that she is caring, sweet, and gorgeous.

Jillian: I was excited and nervous to meet him. We were talking for a long time on Ok Cupid and then texting a lot. I could tell he was shy considering it took him a while to ask me out on a date. I was patiently waiting for him to ask me. I usually don’t swipe right first but I felt something special. I was nervous considering I’ve had bad dates surpassing but I knew I had to alimony trying. When I met him it’s like I knew he was my person. We had so much in common. We watched movies and we wound up having dinner together and talked all night. When he left we texted all night. I knew it was going to be a success! I love his empathy and his love for pets considering we have that in common. I love how he will do anything for me to make me happy. I love how he is my weightier friend and we have the same sense of humor. I love how we say the same things at the same time and finish each others’ sentences. We are like one person.

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