Climate change is the #1 issue to daters in 2022

Our Climate Transpiration Advocate profile token is when as OkCupid data reveals caring well-nigh the planet keeps getting hotter

In 2022, climate transpiration is the #1 issue daters superintendency about. It has plane surpassed world peace. (Seriously. But increasingly on that later.) So for Earth Month, and by popular demand, we’re bringing when our Climate Transpiration Advocate profile token and stack for singles virtually the world. And for every person who opts into the badge, we’re donating $1 (up to $20,000) to Earth Day Initiative, a non-profit organization focused on taking whoopee for the planet. Last year, nearly 400,000 OkCupid users widow the token to their profile and this year we expect over half a million! So let’s get into the data on why so many singles are hot for Climate Transpiration Advocates.

Daters are hot for the planet

Singles wideness the globe say the environment is the rationalization that’s most important to them. In fact, they’re well-nigh 30% increasingly likely to segregate “the environment” over “world peace” and 2x increasingly likely to pick it over “eradicating all diseases from the earth” when asked “Which rationalization is most important to you?”

Daters have been hot for the planet for a while now, but their focus on it has been increasing with the temperatures. In the past five years, there has been a 368% increase in environmental- and climate change-related terms on users’ profiles, and over the past three years, there’s been a 36% increase in singles saying they’re concerned well-nigh climate transpiration (81% today are).

Millennials are driving the trend

There’s no doubt millennials are particularly passionate well-nigh the planet. Not only are they (and their Gen Z counterparts) the most likely to cite the environment as their key cause, but millennial daters on OkCupid are the most likely to think well-nigh climate transpiration on a daily basis. In response to the question “How often do you think well-nigh climate change?” less than one-third of millennials said “rarely or never.” They’re moreover the most likely to ditch plastic, with 74% saying they support a plastic tons and straws ban.

European singles are taking action

Climate transpiration is the #1 issue for daters virtually the world, but singles in some countries take it plane increasingly seriously than others. Take the plastics ban, for example. For the most part, daters where a plastics ban is once in place are the most likely to support one. In 2020, Germany vetoed plastic straws and most German daters (85%) are supportive of the ban. The UK introduced a similar ban the same year, and UK daters are next in line for most supportive at 83%. French daters, though, are the least likely to support the ban, despite there once stuff one in place in France since 2021; nonetheless, the majority of French daters (57%) support it.

Regardless of their views towards a ban, French daters are the most concerned well-nigh climate change. American, Israeli, and Indonesian daters are tied for the least — but again, the majority of daters in all three countries are concerned (77%).

French daters moreover take the lead as those who are the most likely to make a conscious effort to shrink their stat footprint. Indonesian singles are the least.

Loving the planet gets you more love

While millennial and European singles are leading the charge, there’s no doubt that — no matter where you live or how old you are — loving the planet gets you increasingly love. Ninety percent of daters say it’s important their match cares well-nigh the planet, and OkCupid users who are concerned well-nigh climate transpiration get 37% increasingly likes and 11% increasingly matches than those who are not.

So if you’re a Climate Transpiration Advocate and want your matches to know, add the OkCupid Climate Transpiration Advocate token to your profile! Simply wordplay “yes” to the question “Do you want to support the environment by subtracting a Climate Transpiration Advocate token to your profile?” Once you have the badge, you will moreover towards in the Climate Transpiration stack where you can find other singles with the badge. Both will be misogynist until the end of Earth Month.

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