Join OkCupid in Supporting Small, Black-Owned Businesses

We picked 19 of our favorite Black-owned businesses in 7 love-themed categories

In honor of Black History Month, we’ve created a list of 19 amazing, Black-owned businesses that power love and connection through wares such as chocolates, candles, and more. At OkCupid, we are single-minded to the future of the Black community — both in dating and beyond — so it is important to us to highlight Black-owned businesses we love. Our rockstar employees helped craft this list of small businesses wideness the country, and OkCupid is donating $1,000 to each one.

One of the weightier parts of dating is having a reason to explore. Meeting up with a special someone (or this week’s fling, no judgment here) is the perfect excuse to step out of your repletion zone with a fresh look, a variegated cocktail spot, or a new signature scent. So pop on your getting ready playlist (we know you have one) and join us in supporting these wondrous Black-owned businesses!

For Setting the Mood

  1. Bright Black Candles

These quality crafted candles pay tribute to Black greatness with scents that capture its radiance.

2. Lindsey Created

The names of these freelance-inspired candles may plane inspire you on stage night. Try out Good Night, for example, that’ll get you ready for a cozy night in.

For Your Cravings

3. Midunu Chocolates

Up your hosting game with one of their tomfool aprons or snag some of their sweet drinking chocolate.

4. Cookie Society

Show off how well you were paying sustentation in that message thread by picking a savor combination that speaks to their palette.

5. Mikey Likes It Ice Cream

Order fun options like “Mint Condition,” and “Foxy Brown” to tomfool lanugo your hot date-night in.

For Late Nights & Early Mornings

6. Theopolis Vineyards

Nothing says “I think this could be a thing,” like ordering some wine and doing an at-home wine tasting.

7. Top 3! Games

This musical themed game is the perfect way to turn a game night for two into the 90s R&B moment you so richly deserve.

8. Teas with Meaning

These whiffy blends smell as heavenly as they taste. Use one to revamp your energy surpassing that post-work hang or to wifely your nerves surpassing that third-date hookup.

For Nature Lovers

9. LYS Beauty

Affirm yourself to be the kissable reservation we know you are with their natural Speak Love Glossy Lip Treatment Oil. As an widow bonus you can get it via Sephora’s same day wordage app without interrupting your skin care routine.

10. Grounded Plants

If there’s anything increasingly sexy than taking the plunge into plant parenthood, we haven’t found it yet.

11. Beautiful Weirdos

Infuse some good vibes into your first stage with these thoughtfully copper-wrapped crystals.

For Stage Night Looks

12. Stuzo

Their adorably unvigilant overalls prove what we have unchangingly known — style has no gender.

13. The Jules Shop

This site has everything from the perfect lounge set for that midday meetup to that sexy stage night dress you’ve been searching for.

14. Love Iguehi

Their cute clutches and dazzling dusters are the perfect way to hoist your squint in a dash.

For Your Person

15. Byndr Leather Goods

A quality leather trinket is a unconfined way to souvenir someone you just started seeing. It says “I was thinking well-nigh you…but not in a creepy way.”

16. Aya Paper Co

You won’t regret sending one of their astrology-themed cards to your perfect match.

For Looking Your Best

17. Soultanicals

Nothing puts your conviction on ten like knowing your curls are flourishing.

18. Pooka Pure & Simple

Their oil-based perfumes will alimony you smelling like a snack for the hrs & hrs when you finally find the person who makes you stop hating that song.

19. Jaibutters

Everyone deserves to have their endangerment at love and affection…and smooth, buttery skin.

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