OkCupid Data Shows That Women Are Owning Their Dating Lives More Than Ever

In honor of International Women’s Day, we explored how women virtually the world are stuff increasingly unruly in dating and beyond

Over the past two years, we’ve seen daters wilt increasingly assertive. Now increasingly than ever, daters are stuff well-spoken well-nigh what they want and what’s truly important to them. Singles aren’t waiting for a message anymore — they’re making the first move when they see a match they want to meet — and the focus is shifting from “who can support me financially” to “who will support my values?” While we’ve seen this transpiration happen among daters of all genders and orientations virtually the world, women are leading the charge.

Women are taking tenancy of their dating lives

Throughout the pandemic, women have been increasingly increasingly likely to send likes and first messages — and this has remained true in 2022. Women sent 10% increasingly likes this January than they did in December, and they’ve proven that taking the initiative pays off: Contact exchanges for women in January 2022 were at their highest in over a year (increasing 13% since December).

Women have expressed feeling increasingly confident in finding matches and making the first move considering they’re stuff increasingly unshut and upfront well-nigh what they want. In the past five years, there’s been a 600% increase in women’s profiles stating “looking for a feminist” or “feminists only” and a 5% increase in women responding “no” to the OkCupid matching question “Would you stage someone who isn’t a feminist?”

Women are not relying on a match to support them (financially)

While women virtually the world are increasingly likely to be looking for a match to support their values, sexuality daters have wilt increasingly less likely to expect (or want) a match to support them financially. In fact, only 10% of women on OkCupid say that money is very important when it comes to a match. Here’s how it stacks up for women by country:

Looking at the two extremes, women in Indonesia are 9x increasingly likely than women in Germany to say that a match’s money is extremely important; but plane so, it’s just over one-third of Indonesian women who finger that way.

Instead, women are focused on fighting to tropical the gender wage gap, with 84% of sexuality daters on OkCupid saying increasingly needs to be washed-up to do so (70% of men agree). See how it breaks lanugo by country:

Women are moreover keeping track of their own finances so they can depend solely on themselves. In fact, very few women on OkCupid say they do not alimony track of their own finances; unlike with the responses to other OkCupid matching questions on money, Indonesian women take the lead here, with only 5% saying they do not alimony their budget.

Yet despite sexuality daters’ desire to be financially independent, what’s most important to them — across the globe — is stuff self-sustaining full-stop. Sixty-five percent of women on OkCupid who responded to the matching question “Would you rather have increasingly money or increasingly freedom?” said “freedom” (slightly superiority of 64% of men).

Women are increasingly focused than overly on what’s truly important to them in a match

So what does self-rule mean? Well, it’s the right to segregate what you want — and that comes to who you date, too. After all, over the past two years there’s been a 55% increase in women saying a relationship is increasingly important to them than up-and-coming their career. As a result, women are prioritizing what’s really important to them in a match and what they’re really looking for vastitude the surface.

In the past five years there’s been a 5% increase in women responding “extremely honest” to the matching question “Would you rather stage someone extremely hot or extremely honest?” For men, on the other hand, there’s been a 3% decrease. Single women are moreover focused on finding someone they connect with emotionally, with 88% today saying it’s important to establish an emotional connection surpassing a physical one (compared to 78% of men). And in just this past month, there’s been a 5% increase in women seeking a relationship to last for the rest of their lives.

So on this International Women’s Day (and every day!), we at OkCupid are triumphal the women who are taking their dating lives into their own hands. No matter what they’re looking for, women are stuff increasingly direct, open, and unruly well-nigh what they want and how they’re going to get it — and we think that’s pretty amazing.

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