Top Signs of an Unhappy Marriage (and how to make it better)

Are you feeling concerned well-nigh the state of your marriage and wondering how to modernize the health of your relationship? Some of the signs of an unhappy marriage fly under the radar and can take you by surprise, so watching out for signs of marital discord can help you take any issues in stride so you can move toward fixing them in a healthy, productive manner.

If you’re once noticing these signs and wondering what to do well-nigh an unhappy marriage, it’s okay. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of undertow correction, and you’re in the right place considering we are going to lay out some of the top signs of an unhappy marriage and what to do well-nigh it here.

Signs of an Unhappy Marriage


A woman is irritated with her spouse
Daily irritation well-nigh everything your spouse does and says is like death by pinprick for the marriage.

Are you irritated by each other’s presence? This is one of those early signs of unhappy marriage that can seem like it’s not a big deal, and it isn’t… but what it leads to is. This might be something like all of a sudden feeling unsated at the sounds your spouse makes when they eat, or the way they tell that one story well-nigh that one time and oh my if you have to hear them tell it one increasingly time, you’re going to veritably lose it! If you let this continue, it can lead to contempt, and that is a major destroyer of relationships.

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Less or No Intimacy

A strong indicator of unhappy marriages is lack of intimacy. This doesn’t just midpoint sex and physical affection, either, this is moreover an emotional and mental intimacy. Do you not superintendency well-nigh your husband/wife’s inner thoughts? Do you not really mind if they don’t tell you how work was today? Every relationship goes through lulls, but if you and your spouse have had a unravel in intimacy that is physical, mental, and/or emotional and there’s no outside reason for it (sometimes grief and other big life changes can disrupt intimacy in relationships), then it might indicate an unhealthy marriage.

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If you and/or your spouse urgently squint for ways to stave spending time together, this is probably a sign that your marriage is unhappy. If it were a happy marriage, you’d want to be together, too! It’s important to have lives and friendships outside of the marriage, but if you find that your world vastitude your spouse is preferable to the world you’ve created with your spouse, then it’s very likely you have an unhappy marriage you want to escape from.

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A healthy relationship is one in which grievances can be brought up without stuff tumbled as criticism, but if it is now the specimen that you criticize each other rather than problem-solve together, your marriage is probably unhappy. It’s usually a good standard to try to make sure there aren’t increasingly criticisms than compliments in any relationship, so if you or your spouse are overly critical, the marriage will be unhealthy.

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Feeling Misunderstood

One of the most trappy parts of a healthy, loving relationship is feeling understood and seen by flipside person, so when this part flips and you finger like your spouse no longer understands you or misinterprets you and your deportment often, this can be highly distressing. Feeling misunderstood is an unhealthy marriage trait.

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A couple in an unhappy marriage sit at opposite end of a couch
Apathy is never a good sign for a marriage.

On the opposite end of the spectrum from irritation is apathy, and if you and your spouse are completely unaffected by each other, this is often a red flag that your unhappy marriage is near its end. If you and your spouse have moved vastitude having any feelings at all toward each other, this is a major indicator of an unhappy marriage headed toward divorce.

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Any kind of wiseacre policies – mental, emotional, physical, sexual – is never okay and should not be tolerated. If you have any kind of vituperate in your marriage, the marriage is unhealthy, unsafe, and yes, typically unhappy. No one deserves to be abused; it is important that you prioritize health and safety over wedding vows, always.

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Adultery is a tough one considering it is one of the most devastating signs of an unhappy marriage, expressly if the person stuff cheated on was still relatively happy in the marriage. If your marriage is unhappy and you are trying to make yourself finger largest by looking outside the marriage, then you have to recognize that you are only compounding the unhappiness of the marriage by treacherous your spouse.

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Researching/Considering Divorce

This is one of the most obvious signs of an unhappy marriage, of course. If your marriage has lost fulfilment and happiness and you have lost the desire to try to bring it back, then researching divorce is probably where you’re at. Similar to world-weariness where a person just stops caring, divorce ways there’s no interest left in doing the work to modernize the marriage.

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How to Fix an Unhappy Marriage

Be Honest

Step number one in how to fix an unhappy marriage is unchangingly stuff honest with your spouse. You have to be worldly-wise to unclose there is an issue surpassing you can get to the serious work of fixing the issue, right? If it is you that is feeling unhappy in the marriage and you’re unsure if your spouse feels the same, be sure to preface the first talk by supporting that this is how you finger right now, and you want it to get better. Remember to use your I Statements to alimony the focus on how you are feeling vs on your partner’s actions.

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Be Open

A couple in an unhappy marriage have a serious discussion on a couch
Being unshut is an important step in fixing an unhappy marriage.

Being unshut is an important part of honest communication; you and your partner both need to be unshut and receptive to how the other is feeling in the marriage, plane if its difficult to hear the person you’ve married tell you they are unhappy married to you! Focus on understanding the other’s point of view surpassing rushing to explain your own. This helps you to stay unshut to hearing what is stuff said vs focusing on how you will respond.

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Sometimes it’s as simple as reconnecting with your spouse on an individual level. What drew you together in the first place? What did you find so lulu well-nigh them? Maintaining connection in a relationship is an ongoing task, so if that’s been neglected, focusing on connection might be just what you and your spouse need to do well-nigh your unhappy marriage!

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Seek Therapy

There is just no substitute for professional help when it comes to heavy issues that need navigating, and fixing an unhappy marriage is a pretty heavy issue, right? Find a good couples counselor near you so you can work with a neutral third party who is worldly-wise to help you two work out what your issues are and requite you guidance on where to go from here. If your spouse isn’t unshut to couples therapy, seek therapy for yourself; you deserve it.

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Allow Space

Sometimes it is the specimen that two people, no matter how well-intentioned and loving they have been towards each other, grow apart. This isn’t an indictment of either person or an indicator of how much love they once had – or maybe plane still have – together, but just the reality of life and growth. If this is the case, permitting space for the two of you to consider if you want to work on improving the marriage or if you want to make steps to move on is a trappy act of love on both your parts. If a marriage is unhealthy and unhappy, then tightness someone to it versus their will is not loving.

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Final Thoughts well-nigh Unhappy Marriages

If you are in an unhappy marriage with no interest in fixing it, that is okay. Sometimes separation and divorce is the most loving step a couple can take when the marriage has wilt unhealthy and unhappy, and there is no reason to view this as a failure. No one should finger trapped in a marriage that is unhealthy, unhappy, abusive, and/or unfulfilling. Marriage should be a trappy nomination you make every day, not a sad settling that requires you to ignore your true feelings.

Ultimately, the only two people that truly know the state of a marriage are the two people in the marriage. If your marriage doesn’t finger unscratched and loving – physically, mentally, and emotionally – then this might be a sign that your unhappy marriage is nearing its end, and we wish you well on your journey always.

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